The Prophet

Zechariah  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
Zechariah was a post-captivity prophet. Why he is called one of the Minor Prophets, it is difficult to see.
His times and work were alike remarkable. He had been in Babylon, but was selected by God as one of those who would prophesy of things pertaining to Israel and the world long after that captivity had ceased.
His name is suggestive. It tells of the special favor conferred upon him by God. It signifies "Remembered of the Lord, which truly he was, not only as to himself personally, but also through him God showed how although Israel was in the deepest humiliation, He could never forget but would always remember them for coming blessing.
It is interesting to think of him as young, God having taken him up early in life, as a fitting vessel for His divine treasure. In chapter 2:4 we read, "Run, speak to this young man. Age is of no significance with God. The great thing is the treasure and not the vessel. Hence, a child, being a Christian, under the teaching of the Spirit through the truth, may be as wise as Daniel on the history of the world, or as Zechariah on the coming kingdom, or as Paul on the Church, or as John on the glory of the kingdom. It is in the earlier years of life that our memories are made; hence, if we could only think of it, there is the need of our living a careful childhood and youth, and a guarded subsequent age. Our memories and our tears, how closely they are connected! J. Smith