The Rivers of Living Water

John 7:37-39
When the water revives the wilderness itself, when the Son of man actually takes the world as
His inheritance, and the Spirit is poured out, shall it not then be glad, and rejoice, and blossom? `Veil, it fills the heart of God's people, of him that believeth in Jesus, now, and does so because he is in the wilderness: and shall he not rejoice and blossom? Yea, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water; and though often the heartless sand may drink it in and give no return, but be parched, and arid, and fruitless as before, yet wherever the earth of God's hand and the seeds of God's planting are, there shall they also he refreshed and spring up through it. I feel it very important to remark here the individual character noticed before, because it is the saving principle in the midst of desolations and evil, whatever common good it may produce. It is not, They shall drink of the river from the rock,. or drink of some common river, but, '' Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water; " it is the personal possession and indwelling of the Holy Ghost. (Extract.)