The Scriptures of Truth

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We cannot be reminded too frequently and too emphatically of the authority of Scripture, and of the relation in which every Christian stands to the Word of God.
According to the Scriptures, Christ died, and according to the Scriptures, Christ rose again, and all divine truth which is necessary and salutary for us, is taught by the Spirit through the prophetic and apostolic word.
The Scriptures are above every age: for they were written by the Eternal Spirit; and our wisdom is to receive Scripture teaching with absolute childlike faith, and to receive it according to its own method, not mixing it up with the enticing words of human wisdom, and the thoughts and terminology of the schools.
The Scriptures reveal Christ, and they judge everything that prevents our walking by faith in Him. Solemn and stern are their voice, but the blessed result to those who tremble at the Word of God, is that they are directed to look off unto Jesus, who is the way of life to the wise, and thus they are kept from the evil that is in the world.