The Sculptor and the Marble Block

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
It is a great mistake to grumble at the trials and troubles sent us by a wise and kindly Providence. They are all for our good. Chips and cuts and blows and scratches make up the past history of a beautiful marble statue. It was a mere shapeless chunk of rock before passing through the hands of the sculptor. So also the human character is to a great extent unformed before it has passed through the fires of misfortune.
It is only the eye of the sculptor that can see beforehand the finished statue in the rough marble block; but he does see it, and all the, strokes of his tool are meant to bring out to the eyes of others what is already clear to his own.
And the strokes of God’s hands are only to produce the perfect beauty of the soul, and make that as visible to others as it is now to Himself. Nothing is more certain than that we shall be perfectly satisfied with His work when we see it finished. Why should we not be satisfied now, when He tells us what a glorious finish He will make, and leave to Him the choosing of the tools?