The Sentinel’s Answer

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During the American War, Mr. George N. Stuart, an earnest missionary, had to pass through the camp between the lines one night. The sentinel challenged him to give the password. Mr. Stuart answered,
"Wrong," said the sentinel. "Go back to headquarters and get the right word, it would be death to me to let you pass without it."
In a short time the missionary again approached the sentinel, and again the question was asked,
"What is your password?"
"Massachusetts" was the reply and instantly the sentinel lowered his rifle, and he was allowed to pass. Turning to the young soldier the missionary said,
"You were properly anxious about me having the right password before you would allow me to pass; may I ask now, have you the right password for heaven?"
"Thank God I have, sir," said the brave young soldier with a smile, "The Precious Blood of Christ."
Yes, indeed, and there is no other password will avail to open the pearly gate to you, reader.
"Religion" will be of no avail. "Morality" will not let you pass.
"Churchman" has no weight with heaven's sentinels, nor "Dissenter" either. Sinners who trust in these and such like, and hope by using them to gain a place in heaven, will be turned from its portals, into the outer darkness—the wailing of the lost. No name but Christ's is known in heaven; no password is owned except "The Precious Blood of Christ."
Is this your password, reader? Is it by this and this alone, that you expect to enter heaven? Do not make the fatal, yet alas, common mistake, of adding to the "Precious Blood of Christ" some work or merit of your own. Not "The Blood" and prayers, not a tear of penitence added. Let it be "The Precious Blood of Christ" alone. Can you say,
His precious "Name" my only boast,
His "Blood" my only plea;
My password to the realms of bliss,
That Jesus died for me.