The Source and the Streamlets

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"For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things, to whom be glory for over. Amen."-Rom. 11.
Blessing ebb and flow, the Blesser,
Dwells eternally the same;
Of the universe "Possessor" -
"Wonderful" is still His Name.
O the sweet repose of staying
With His fullness satisfied.
Scarce for wanted mercies praying,
So but He be glorified.
Though the Fig-tree shall not blossom,
Neither fruit be in the vines;
Though the stalls be void of oxen,
Failing corn, and oil, and wines.
Fore-prepared for tribulation-
In the Lord will we rejoice;
To the end of our salvation
Sing, with steadfast heart and voice.
Far His grace exceeds the proving,
Here, in time, of hearts like ours;
Therefore fear we no removing,
Ev'n through trials darkest hours.
Riches may take wings and leave us,
Friendship's brightest links may break;
Brethren, faithful once, may grieve us,
Wisdom's paths of peace forsake.
Clouds of coming wrath may darken,
Over every world-pitched tent;
Sinners may refuse to hearken,
To the warning God hath sent.
Wider yet the sheep may wander,
From the faithful Shepherd's side.
Less and less the saints may ponder,
Truths for which the martyr's died.
Yet is faith the more attesting,
Thus, the everlasting Word;
Every adverse billow breasting,
With the cry, "It is the Lord."
He, of heaven and earth Possessor;
Verifies His Holy Name:
Blessings change and die, the Blesser
Lives, unchangeably the same.