The Teacher

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
A man went into a repair shop in a small town and talked with a mechanic. He asked him if he knew the Lord Jesus.
"Yes, indeed," he replied. "My teacher taught me about Him when I was just a boy. In fact,” he went on, "I would have starved if my teacher hadn't fed me."
"How was that?" asked the visitor.
"Well, we lived away out in the country, and went to a real small school. Times then were very hard, and some of us were scratching out a miserable living. In fact, the children in that school were so hungry they didn't have the energy to stay awake during class time. We were a hard bunch to teach, I guess.
"Our teacher was a real fine Christian lady who prayed with us each morning and asked the Lord to provide for the needs of this little school. That spring at recess time she had us all go out and help dig and plant a nice garden. Each day we worked at it, and watered and weeded it too. We had a real fine garden patch out there!
"She went to the school board and told them that if they would get her some supplies she would fix the children all a hot lunch every day. The school board agreed, and they sent her flour and sugar and other fixings she needed for the meals. I remember that she made a nice custard with lots of eggs and milk each day, and she would let me lick the bowl too. She baked biscuits in a Dutch oven on the wood stove, and we all ate the vegetables from our garden.
"After that we began to learn our lessons better, and she would tell us to remember how well the Lord Jesus, who loves us, had so wonderfully provided for us. She told us to be thankful for the way He answered our prayers too.
"That's why I always say, when anyone asks me about the early days, 'I would have starved if my teacher hadn't fed me!"
Christians too have a teacher. It is the Holy Spirit of God. In John 14:26 the Lord Jesus says: The Comforter, which is the Holy [Spirit], whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things.
Just as that teacher in the little village school took no credit for all that they had received, but gave all praise to the Lord, so the Holy Spirit speaks not of Himself but only of Christ. He shall testify of Me [Jesus]...for He shall not speak of Himself; but... He shall glorify Me [Jesus]. And this wonderful Person will feed us with spiritual food so that we can learn more of Jesus Christ, and grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.