The Time Is Short

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“The time is short”; let not this warning prove
A cloud to dim the sunshine of your love;
It was not meant by Him, who joys to bless,
E’en for an hour to damp your happiness;
He, who Himself the feast at Cana graced
With His own presence, and the best wine
To cheer the guests upon the festal board,
Would rather gladden by this needed word.
“The time is short”: my children, spend it well;
As “heirs of life” together seek to dwell;
Helpmates in following Jesus may you prove,
Yielding yourselves as captives to His love;
Your union with each other serve to show,
As more and more you in His likeness grow,
Your closer union with your risen Head;
And His dear presence its sweet perfume shed
O’er all your conversation in your home,
As pilgrims waiting till the Bridegroom come.
“The time is short” for joy or suffering here;
Soon shall the morning without clouds appear:
“The little while” He tarries still, redeem — 
Your motive, aim and end to live to Him;
In heaven there’ll be no cross for Christ to bear,
No sufferings with your blessed Lord to share;
No souls to win from error’s devious maze;
No works of grace to show your Father’s
J. G. Deck