The True Ground of Faith.

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FAITH is the reception of a divine testimony by the soul, so that God Himself is believed; and, further, it is founded on His testimony alone. Man may be the instrument of leading me into the truth, as a sign-post shows me the way, but it is God whom I believe, not man. We have believed Satan when we were enjoying God's blessings; now God calls upon us to believe Himself. Herein is the real return of the soul to God. If I believe because "the Church" has put its authority or its sanction on that which I believe, I am just simply saying that I do not believe God. Now the Bible is the Word of God. God has given a testimony carrying His authority with it, which testimony I am bound to believe; otherwise I despise God's testimony. To believe because man says it, or because "the Church" says it, is to make God a liar, for when I had only what God said, I did not believe Him. It is well to look this distinctly and definitely in the face. There are two things: First, that which I believe—the fullness, riches, and perfection of Christ; secondly, the ground on which I believe it. Now as to the latter, if a person were to tell me something, in order really to believe that person's testimony I must receive what he has said because he said it. If I cannot believe God, why is it? J. N. D.