The Truth

 •  2 min. read
Is it the Truth of God we seek?
Well may we listen. Let Him speak;
For God Himself, in Persons Three,
Reveals Himself, that we may see
How Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Can make in Him, the Truth, their boast,
Though needing nothing, owing all
Redemption's glory from the fall
To Him, who in Man's lowly guise,
Could make the mighty sacrifice.
The Father, from His blest abode,
Sends forth the Son, the Lamb of God;
The Son, He lays His glory by,
Becomes a Man, and comes to die.
The Lord the Spirit, Mighty God,
One in Counsel and in Word,
Deigns here to dwell, and so to be
The One by whom we live and see.
Thus, so may well the glory be,
Shared by the Wondrous Trinity;
God in One, and God all Three,
Creature's ken is lost in Thee.
Oh! Jesus Christ, " The Truth " art Thou,
At Thy blest Name each knee must bow.
Eternal was Thy life and fame,
As One with God, ever " The Same."
"-The Truth "must take a lowlier name,
By JESUS "grace and truth" both came
Or else the great I AM must be
As " Absolute," e'er far from me.
But Th' " Absolute " was pleased to bear
Relations blest to creatures fair;
The creature sinned, all truth was marred,
And only One, with visage scarred,
Could fill the place the creature owed,
And bring us back to truth, to God.
Jesus on earth, " The Truth," could say,
I am the Life, " The Truth," the Way.
True things might well be said, and were,
But He alone could truth declare.
Without Him all must ruin see,
Nor truth had been, nor truth could be;
Jesus! the Christ, " The Truth," the Word,
God speaks but once, yet still is heard;
The Word made flesh, with us to dwell,
Thrice Holy. Spirit sent to tell.
The wondrous mystery now we see,
Thou art " The Truth," " The Truth " is Thee;
The God of Love and Light can shine
In all His Light on Thee and Thine.