The Upward Way

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
SING without ceasing, sing
The Savior's present grace;
How all things shine
In light divine
For those who've seen His face.

He's gone within the veil,
For us that place He's won;
In Him we stand,
A heavenly band,
Where He Himself is gone.

There all's unsullied light;
My heart lets in its rays,
And heavenly light
Makes all things bright,
Seen in that blissful gaze.

Such here on earth I am,
Though I in weakness roam;
My place on high,
God's Self so nigh,
His presence is my home.

My heart is filled with bliss—
Heaven's own eternal joys;
My soul at rest,
Of peace possessed,
That world its strength employs.

Thus, in divine delight
Of love so richly known,
God's works below
With beauty glow;
His hand, His grace, I own.

And stayed by joy divine,
As hireling fills his day,
Through scenes of strife
And desert life
I tread in peace my way.

That way is upward still,
Where life and glory are;
My rest's above,
In perfect love
The glory I shall share

For ever with the Lord,
Forever like Him then
And see His face
In that blest place,
My Father's house in heaven.
“All is a vain show around us; but that which is inside abides. When the heart gets hold of this fact, it becomes like one taken into the house to work for the day; performs the duties well, but passes through, instead of living in the circumstances.... The Lord keep us going on in simplicity, fulfilling as a hireling our day, till Christ shall come, and then shall every man have praise of God."—J.N.D.