The Warning

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"For when they shall say, Peace and Safety: then sudden destruction cometh upon them." 1 Thess. 5:3.
Speak not of the good time coming,
Say not "Happy times draw nigh."
Lo ! the clouds with terror looming,
Darken o'er the future sky!
Undeceive thyself, O mortal!
To the winds such dreamings give!
Think upon the fearful purging
That the earth must first receive!

Rather tell of wrath and vengeance
Pending o'er this guilty race;
In its shame still glorying—boasting;
Deaf to all the calls of grace.
God forgetting—God dishonoring—
Guilty world, thy doom is nigh !
Fear unknown will seize upon thee
When He shakes the earth and sky !

Sodom's fall but faintly pictures
What thy awful lot will be;
It had not so many warnings,
As the Lord hath sent to thee,
Grace refused, makes judgment sorer—
O what grace hast thou refused!
Guilty world, thy judgments hover,
All escape for thee is closed!

Yet, as in the case of Sodom,
Lot departed ere it fell;
So, the Lord will come from heaven
Take His Church with Him to dwell,
Ere destruction's work commences,
On this Sodom's guilty ones.
They, the salt, alone preserve it—
They removed—the judgment comes.

To the ark and from destruction
All who'd be preserved then haste!
Christ's alone the Ark of safety—
Come and full salvation taste.
Tarry not for reformation—
(Sinners, Jesus died to save)
Art thou lost? He came to find thee,
Thou believing, life shalt have.

Then, amid the coming glory
Which the Church with Christ shall share;
Thou shalt have thy happy portion,
Bride of His—His image bear—
Then His earthly people gathered—
Earth made clean, and Satan bound;
Thou shalt, with thy Savior reigning,
O'er a happy world be found.