Their Strength Is to Sit Still

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"They also serve, who only stand and wait."
"Sit still!" oh, do not grieve thy Lord!
By angry sore complaint;
"Sit still!" and trust that faithful Word,
Which says, those shall "not faint."
"Be still!" 'twas but a "little while"
Thou deem'dst His face was hid:
Then, as a good "obedient child,"
Be still, as thou art bid.
Perchance, on bed of sickness, thou
Dost spend the weary day!
"Sit still!" remember He can save,
In His own time and way!"
Or if amongst the household cares,
And troubles of this life,
Thy lot is placed, e'en yet "sit still,"
Nor weary of the strife!
No great work is designed for thee;
Not early in the day
The Master hires thee to work,
But with the sun's last ray!
Though you may long for more to do
In His great cause and name,
The time and place is not yet come-
"Sit still!" He'll make it plain.
Remember Martha, active one-
To show the Lord her love-
How earnest in the serving work!
How thoughtful she did prove!
But "Mary sat at Jesus' feet,"
With great love in her heart;
She showed it in no other way,
Yet "chose the better part.'
So, oh, do thou her copy prove,
If love thy bosom fill:
Ask not for some great thing to do,
But, as thou'rt bid, "sit still."
A. S. L. O.