"There Remaineth Therefore a Rest to the People of God"

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What a difference between the rest of God in creation, and the rest that remains! There is no doubt God was glorified as a Creator, and' all was very good, but as we know, was fallible and is fallen. It was the responsible creature, not the purpose and full effect of the heart of God. But God's rest that remains will be, when the full love and purpose of His heart has its effect accomplished, and that before Him, and He sees those before Him who, partakers of the divine nature, He knows enter into it. There is fellowship, and His Son, center and Head of it all, is fully glorified according to His purpose; the One in whom and by whom all His counsels in glory are made good, and He Himself displayed, the Image of the invisible God, the First-born of every creature, and in the nearer place, First-born among many brethren, and Head of the body, the church; the Head of the new thing in which God is perfectly glorified, satisfied, and forever. And we enter into this rest holy and without blame before Him in love; satisfied, too, that Christ the Son, put to shame for us, is perfectly glorified, and that all the saints are what He would have them, perfectly to His glory. Our hearts satisfied and knowing that we are perfectly to His glory, by His own grace, to the praise of His glory. It is a perfect rest, where we shall be free to think only of HIM and think' together.