This World Is As a Sinking Ship

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Let us suppose a vessel is foundering out at sea — exceedingly rotten and leaky, filling fast. From shore a life-boat is launched, and it pulls alongside the doomed vessel. The captain of the lifeboat calls to every person on board to leave the old ship immediately, but the people on board resolutely refuse. One says, “Our vessel is not so bad; she only requires a little mending and painting.” Another says, “Away with you and your lifeboat! We have a carpenter of our own, whose business is to mend the ships.”
Some go on with their amusements while others occupy themselves with emergency tools and paint. A few see their peril and take advantage of the only way of escape. The vessel is left to itself, fills and sinks. Now tell me, if every despiser on board ship goes down, who is to blame? The lifeboat was sent to them, and they refused!
Christ is the lifeboat. He came to save as many as will have Him.
There’s a shadow on the world, and it deepens;
The hearts of men begin to fail for fear:
Beneath apparent confidence and boasting,
Perplexity is growing year by year.
There’s a shadow on the world; and it tells us
The longsuffering of God is well nigh o’er,
The blest atoning work of Christ the Saviour
Shall be held out to sinful men no more.