Those Who Sleep in Jesus

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" I am the Resurrection!"
The grave its charge may keep,
And our loved ones crumble into dust,
While in the dust they sleep.
We count them still as living,
As living unto God;
Our hearts have no misgiving,
Ever resting in that word:-
" I am the Resurrection!"
Sad is our heart and home,
Most desolate the broken band,
Where the stroke of death has come.
Still are our lost ones living,
They are living unto God;
Waiting with us his bidding,
To arise, and meet the Lord.
Oh thou, " the Resurrection,"
When, when wilt thou appear,
To turn to joy our sorrow,
And stay the falling tear?
In this earth, where death is sweeping
Its myriads to the tomb,
Into this scene of weeping,
O Lord, when wilt thou come?
E. D.