Thou Art My Hope, Lord Jesus

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 13
Thou art my hope, Lord Jesus,
My soul hath found in Thee
What sorely here it needed—
Peace and security.
Since ever I have known Thee,
Since first Thy grace I saw,
Fears from my heart are banished,
I dread no more the law.
The wrathful sword of justice
Suspended o’er my head,
Discharged on Thee, my Savior,
Its death-stroke, in my stead.
The death which Thou didst suffer,
Was suffered Lord, for me;
For pleased Thou wast in purest grace
My substitute to be.
What love to me, my Savior!
Love in that cross did shine;
That cross endured, accepted,
For my sins, Lord, not Thine.
Thy work, divinely perfect,
Divine in value too,
Was by our God accepted
As expiation due.
Redemption’s solid basis,
Stable, and just, and sound;
Of reconciliation too,
The happy, holy ground.
Thou art my rest, Lord Jesus;
With calm repose I see,
That all my sins in all their guilt,
Were laid, by God, on Thee.