"Thou Art the Same"

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J. T. Mawson
Amid the restlessness of rolling years,
The changing seasons as they pass away,
We rest in Thee, and calmed are all our fears,
For well we know “Thou art the same” alway.
And through the gloom there shines a wondrous light,
Light of a love that glows with fervent flame;
‘Tis this that cheers us in the earthly fight —
Jehovah-Jesus — evermore the same.
To cleave death’s billows for Thy ransomed host,
Love girded Thee to breast their wrath, unmoved;
Today, forever, it shall be our boast,
Strong as when in the past its might was proved.
O great and glorious Lord! of Thee we sing,
And tread with triumph in the living way.
O faithful Priest! Thou wilt not fail to bring
Thy people unto God’s eternal day.