"Thou God Seest Me"

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It was only a rough old oyster shell, with a water-stained scrap of paper caught in it-not what most of us would keep in a place of honor in our living rooms. But there Dick-the-Diver kept it as a precious reminder of the most important day in his life.
He had lived a wicked life, with no fear of God before his eyes, until one day he was deep under water in his usual occupation of searching for lost treasure. Looking around, he said to himself: "They tell me God is everywhere. He can't be here, at the bottom of the sea."
This thought had no sooner passed through his mind than his eye was caught by something white lying at the bottom. Swimming near, he found it to be a tract, held fast by an oyster. Taking both up, he read upon the tract the words, "Thou God seest me." There and then he was convinced that, though he was at the bottom of the sea, God saw him.
He knew now that God could see him in all his sins and wretchedness, and that it was impossible to hide himself from God. What misery this produced in his soul, until he learned also that the One who searched and knew his heart was the very One who gave His Son up to die for sinners.
So he turned to God, instead of seeking to hide from him, and found that God Himself is the refuge of those who trust in Him. Soon he could say with praise and thankfulness as he looked to God, "Thou art my hiding place."
Are you conscious that the eye of God is upon you? In the din and bustle of the busy crowd, or in the quiet of your home, it is ever true: "Thou God seest me." Gen. 16:1313And she called the name of the Lord that spake unto her, Thou God seest me: for she said, Have I also here looked after him that seeth me? (Genesis 16:13).