Thou Lovest Not Me

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 10
“In sin and in sorrow
Thou hast traveled along,
Thou hast loved the vain pleasures
Of the world’s giddy throng.
Through sin and through sorrow
I have waited for thee,
I have wept and entreated,
Yet thou lovest not Me.
“Thy hopes have been blighted,
“They have withered and died;
For all hope without God
Must have death by its side.
They were blighted in mercy,
That to Christ thou should’st flee,
And be safe for eternity,
Yet thou lovest not Me.
“Thy pathway through life
Has been marked with much care;
And sickness and trials
Have been sent thee to bear;
I sent them as warnings
sent them to thee,
Yet, sinner, thou knowest,
Thou lovest not Me.
“And the friends thou hast loved
In their beauty and bloom,
Have been snatched from thy side,
And are laid in the tomb;
But the message has passed
Unheeded by thee,
Thou still art unsaved,
For thou lovest not Me.
“And the shadows of midnight
Are skirting the sky;
And wrath is impending—
God’s wrath from on high;
And mercy-free mercy—
Rejected by thee,
Is drawing down judgment.
Yet thou lovest not Me.
“Say, wanderer, say—
Shall I leave thee alone?
Shall I let thee go on,
As the choice is thine own?
I have warned, I have mourned,
I have wept over thee;
I have bled, I have died—
Yet thou lovest not Me.
“Ah, come to thy Savior!
Come, weary one, come!
Though thy sins be as crimson,
Yet for thee there is room.
O, tarry not—linger not—
I am waiting for thee,
To save thee, to bless thee,
Though thou lovest not Me.
“I ask thee for nothing—
Come just as thou art;
Come sinful—come guilty—
Come give Me thine heart;
The fountain is open,
It is open to thee,
Let thy Savior not say
Thou lovest not Me.”