Thoughts on Service

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Robert Chapman
If we do not live beyond time, we are not fit to serve in time.
A good workman gains skill by his mistakes.
Look not to the quantity but to the quality of your service, whatsoever that service may be. If it be preaching, preaching is not the first thing; the heart must be kept; then two or three words spoken in the power of the Spirit may avail more than many a long discourse.
The conversion of sinners, the prosperity of saints — these are precious things, but not the object of the soul: that should be to please God.
We are not the most useful when the most wordy, but when the most prayerful.
The joy and triumph of faith are only to be found in the way of unreserved consecration of ourselves to God, and of diligent service to Christ.
The work of the servant of the Lord demands entire self-denial. Even Christ pleased not Himself (Rom. 15:33For even Christ pleased not himself; but, as it is written, The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me. (Romans 15:3)). He must be the servant of all men for Jesus’ sake; the foremost to suffer; the most laborious in service; ever caring for others, ever forgetting himself. — (From “Choice Sayings”).