Three Generations; or Same Jesus for All

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A little group, consisting of an aged miner, a careworn younger mother, and a school-girl of ten, waited for our "after-meeting" at the close of the Gospel preaching one Sunday evening. After speaking a few words of Gospel, and pointing the aged miner and the anxious woman to Jesus, who is the "Rest for the weary," I turned to the bright girl saying,
"And would you like to be saved, too?" With a happy smile she replied,
"I am saved, sir, but I am waiting till mother is saved too."
I thus became aware that the happy child was the daughter of the anxious woman whom I had been pointing to the Savior.
"And how do you know that you are saved?" I said, turning to the child, with the desire that she might tell in her own simple manner the way of life, so that the two seekers might hear it, for I knew she could tell it in a way that they would understand.
"It says in the Testament, that Jesus died for sinners, and that is what I am, so I know He died for me. And it also says, that whosoever believeth in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life; I believe, and so it is mine." I turned to the aged man and the woman, and said,
"Do you hear that? That is God's way of salvation, told by a child who possesses it. Are you willing to be saved in the same way?"
By this time both were in tears, and I believe both then and there, as sinners yielded to the Savior. The child rose with such a beam of joy on her face, and first grasped the hand of her mother, then, to my surprise, of the aged man, who turned out to be her grandfather, and all three went away rejoicing. Yes, three generations saved by the same Jesus, and in the same way, by simply trusting Him.
Are you saved, reader? You may be now; for the same Savior waits to welcome you as He did these three. You will be, if you come to Him now just as you are.
"This Man receiveth sinners," "Now is the day of salvation."