Time Enough

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A strange dream was told long ago. I do not know who the dreamer was, but the dream is a warning to all of us.
A man dreamed that he saw Satan seated on a throne. All his evil spirits were gathered around him awaiting his commands. Suddenly the question was asked by their master: "Who will go forth to ruin souls on earth?"
The answer came readily enough from one: "I will."
"What will you tell them?"
"I'll tell them that there is no God."
"That will not do," Satan returned gloomily. "Men know there is a God. Sometimes they deny it, even to themselves, but deep in their hearts they know there is a God and that they must face Him some day. They may try to stifle the thought, but when sickness or death comes they have to admit the truth. That story will not ruin them."
Again he repeated the question: "Who will go forth to ruin souls?"
"I will," a second spirit replied.
"And what will you tell them?"
"I'll tell them that there is a God, a just and holy God, but that they are too bad to come to Him."
"That will not do," repeated Satan. "Their very need will drive them to Him. Besides, while there are Bibles left in the world, they have only to read how God invites them—sinners though they are—to come to Him and receive everlasting life. Something more clever than that must be devised to ruin men."
Once more the dreamer heard the terrible question ring through the darkness: "Who'll go forth to ruin souls?"
There was a pause. At last he saw in his dream a third spirit come forward and stand before the one on the throne. He heard him repeat the words: "I will."
"And what will you tell them?"
"I'll tell them," he answered slowly, "that there is a God. I will let them hear the gospel as often as they like. They may know the story of God's love in giving His Son for lost sinners. They may read of the Son of God giving Himself to die for them. They may listen to the free invitation, Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. I will not hinder them from hearing that salvation is the gift of God—not of works. They may hear it all."
"But how will that ruin them?" his master inquired impatiently.
"I'll tell them that it is all true! But," he added, with a look of fiendish malice, "I'll tell them that there is time enough to think about accepting God's offer."
A murmur of applause passed through the caverns of despair. "Go forth," said the Prince of Darkness; "you will be successful."
And he went forth! Day after day, and to this day, the message of destruction has always been and is still being whispered to thousands: "There is time enough!"
This—only a dream? Surely not! Long, long before the dreamer was born, that plot to ruin souls was planned in hell.
You have heard God's salvation proclaimed. You have felt your need as a sinner, and have heard of the terrors of judgment.
Does not the enemy of souls whisper in your ear, "TIME ENOUGH"? You are well and strong now. Does he not say, "Wait until your dying day? No need just now. Time enough!"
Yes, and "lost!—lost!" will be your cry. Remember, eternal life is offered to you today. There is no promise for tomorrow.