To Our Young Friends

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
ONCE more we have the pleasure of being able to put into your hands another of our Volumes. When we first began to issue our Magazine we little thought how large would be the number of our readers, nor did we dream of the numerous nice, kind letters we should receive from the boys and girls who find pleasure in our FAITHFUL WORDS. We wish you every bright and happy wish as we take our leave of you for this year, and may you grow up to adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour.
We trust that with a new year fresh interests may be awakened in FAITHFUL WORDS, and we shall, as ever, be glad to welcome any questions or letters you may send us.
For our monthly questions, which many of you answer, we should like to see still more correspondents. We ask you to work your-yourselves, and to try to get others to work, too, over the questions for /886. Whatever you do, do well. Take that as your motto for work. And by "well" we mean the very best you can do. If you are writing a letter, or playing at a game, or studying your books, do what you do as well as you can. And when the word of God is in your hands, and you are answering questions about it, give all your heart and mind to the work. Do it well. Work well done lasts. Those who work well always succeed. Painstaking and perseverance win more races than do any others.
May God bless you all. Farewell for this year.