Translation of Psalms 1-41

Psalm 1‑41  •  1 hr. read  •  grade level: 4
N. B. {p} goes before a perfect tense, and {f} before a future or present, of an indicative mood; {b} before an infinitive; {c} before an imperative; {d} before participles; {v} before Vav, &c., however else translated.
Psa. 1
1 Blessed is The man that Phas not walked in the counsel of the ungodly, vand in the way of sinners Phas not stood, vand in the seat of d the scornful Phas not sat.
2 But in the law of Jehovah his delight; vand in his law 'he meditates day rand night.
3 vAnd Phe was to be like a tree dplanted by the rivers of waters, that 'brings forth his fruit in his season; vand his leaf 'does not wither; rand all that 'he does 'shall prosper.
4 Not so The ungodly; but like the chaff that the wind 'drives away.
5 Therefore the ungodly 'shall not stand 1- in the judgment, vor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.
6 For Jehovah is dknowing the way of the righteous; vbut the way of the ungodly 'shall perish.
Psa. 2
1 Why Phave raged the Nations, vand why do the side-nations  'imagine a vain thing?
2 Kings of the earth 'do set themselves, vand drulers P have taken counsel together, against Jehovah, and against his Anointed, saying,
3 'We will break asunder their bands, vand "cast away their cords from us.
4 d He sitting in the heavens 'shall laugh; Adonay 'shall have them in derision.
5 Then 'shall he speak to them in his wrath, vand in his sore displeasure 'vex them;
6 vYet I P have set my King upon Zion, hill of my holiness.
7 will declare the decree: Jehovah Phas said to me,
my Son art thou; 'This day Phave I begotten thee.
8 cAsk of me, vand fI will give thee the Nations for thine inheritance, vand for thy possession the ends of earth.
9 'Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; like a vessel of da moulder 'thou shalt dash them in pieces:
10 vAnd now ye kings cbe wise; ebe instructed ye djudges of earth.
11 cServe Jehovah with fear, vand crejoice with trembling.
12 cKiss the Son, lest 'he shall be angry, vand 'ye perish from the way; for 'does his wrath burn even as a little. Blessed are all dtrusting in him.
• Leummim,' side-nations.
Psa. 3
1 A psalm of David. bIn his fleeing from the face of Absalom his son.
2 Jehovah, how P have increased my troublers! many dthose rising up against me;
3 Many "those saying of my soul, No help for him in Elohim Pause.
4 But thou, Jehovah, art a shield round about me; my glory, °and "the one lifting up my head.
5 With my voice to Jehovah cry; °and 'he hears
me from the hill of his holiness. Pause.
6 I Plaid me down rand sleep; PI awoke; for Jehovah 'sustains me.
Not 'will I fear ten thousands of the People, that around Phave set themselves against me.
8 °Arise, Jehovah; °save me, my Elohim; for P thou hast smitten all dmy enemies on the cheekbone; the teeth of the ungodly Phast thou broken.
9 Of [or to] Jehovah is The salvation; on thy People is thy blessing. Pause.
Psa. 4
1 For dthe chief musician on stringed instruments. A 'Psalm. of David.
2 bIn my calling, °hear me, Elohim of my righteousness; P thou hast made enlargement for me in the distress;
ehave mercy on me, rand °hear my prayer.
3 Ye sons of men, how long is my glory for a shame? ''ye love vanity, 'ye seek after lying. Pause.
4 °But °know that Jehovah Phas set apart the godly for.himself; Jehovah 'hears bin my calling on him.
5 °Stand in awe, °and f ye shall not sin; ccommune with your own heart on your bed, °and c be still. Pause.
6 cSacrifice the sacrifices of righteousness, °and etrust in Jehovah.
7 Many dare saying, Who swill show us good? elift thou up the light of thy countenance on us, Jehovah.
8 P Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time their corn and their. wine P increased.
9 In peace twill I both lay me down °and 'sleep; for thou, Jehovah, alone, fmakest me to dwell in safety.
Psa. 5
1 For dthe chief Musician on The flutes. A psalm of David.
2 My words egive ear to, Jehovah, consider my meditation;
3 cHearken to the voice of my cry, my King °and my Elohim; for to thee f I pray.
4 Jehovah, in the morning 'thou wilt hear my voice; in the morning!will I direct my prayer to thee, °and 'will look up:
5 For thou art not an El desirous of wickedness; not 'shall dwell with thee evil;
6 Not 'shall stand dth,e foolish before thine eyes; 'thou hast hated all d workers of iniquity.
7 'Thou wilt destroy d those speaking lies; Jehovah 'abhors the man of blood °and deceit.
8 °But I,-in the multitude of thy mercy, 'I will come to thy house; 'I will worship toward the temple of thy holiness in thy fear.
9 Jehovah, °lead me in thy righteousness because of dmy enemies; cmake straight before my face thy way.
10 For there is nothing in their mouth d upright; their inward part is wickedness; a sepulcher open their throat; with their tongue 'they flatter.
11 °Destroy thou them, Elohim; fthey shall fall by their own counsels; in the multitude of their transgressions °cast them out; for Pthey have rebelled against thee.
12 "But (shall rejoice all dthose trusting in thee; forever (shall they shout for joy; "and (thou defendest them; "and (shall be joyful in thee dthe lovers of thy name.
13 For thou (wilt bless, Jehovah, the righteous; as a shield 'wilt thou with favor compass him.
Psa. 6
1 For dthe chief Musician on stringed instruments. On The 8th. A Psalm of David.
2 Jehovah, not in thine anger 'wilt thou rebuke me; 'and not in thy hot-displeasure twill, thou chasten me.
3 °Have mercy on me, Jehovah, for dweak am I; °heal me, Jehovah, for my bones Phave been vexed.
4 "And my soul Phas been sore vexed; "but thou, Jehovah, how long!
5 °Return, Jehovah, °deliver my soul; °save me for the sake of thy mercy.
6 For remembrance of thee, in death, there is none; in the grave who twill give thee thanks?
7 PI have been wearied with my groaning; I make to swim my bed through all the night; with my tears my couch f I water.
8 Mine eye Phas been consumed by grief; Pit has waxed old because of all dmy enemies.
9 °Depart from me, all dye working iniquity; for Jehovah Phas heard the voice of my weeping.
10 Jehovah Phas heard my supplication; Jehovah 'receives my prayer.
11 All dmy enemies 'shall be ashamed "and 'shall be sore vexed; they shall return; 'they shall be suddenly ashamed.
Psa. 7
1 A wandering-ode. Of David. Which Phe sang to Jehovah, on the words of Cush the Benjamite.
2 Jehovah my Elohim, in thee P have I trusted; °save me from all dpersecuting me, "and °deliver me;
3 Lest he shall tear like a lion my soul, drending in pieces, °and none ddelivering.
4 Jehovah my Elohim, if PI have done this; if the existence of iniquity is in my hands;
5 If PI have rewarded evil to dth,e one peaceful to me; "yea, deliver shim being mine enemy causelessly:
6 d The enemy 'shall persecute my soul, "and 'take it; "yea, 'tread down my life to the earth, °and 'cause my honor to dwell in the dust. Pause.
7 °Arise, Jehovah, in thine anger, °lift up thyself because of the rage dof my enemies; "and °awake for me the judgment P thou hast commanded.
8 "So the congregation of side-nations 'shall compass thee about; °and for its sake °return thou on high.
9 Jehovah 'shall judge the Peoples; °judge me, Jehovah, according to my righteousness, "and according to my integrity upon me.
10 Assuredly, now, the wickedness of the wicked 'shall come to an end; "but 'thou wilt establish the righteous; "and d trier of hearts "and reins is righteous Elohim.
11 My shield is of Elohim, d saving the upright of heart.
12 Elohim is djudge of [or for] the righteous, °and El is dangry every day.
13 If tone turns not, his sword twill he whet; his bow Phe has bent, °and 'makes it ready;
14 °And for him Phe has prepared instruments of death; he 'works his arrows against "the persecutors.
15 Behold, the travails with iniquity, °and Phas conceived mischief, °and Phas brought forth falsehood.
16 A pit Phe made; °and the digs it, °and 'falls into the ditch the makes.
17 His mischief 'shall return on his own head, °and on his own pate his violence 'shall come down.
18 will praise Jehovah according to his righteousness; °and will sing the name of Jehovah Most High, as praise.
Psa. 8
1 For dthe chief-Musician on The wine Vat. A Psalm of David.
2 Jehovah our Lord [Adonim], how excellent thy name in all The earth I as to which eset thou thy glory above The heavens.
3 Out of the mouth of babes °and dsucklings Phast thou ordained strength, because of dthy enemies bto still the d enemy °and davenger.
4 When 'I consider thy heavens, work of thy fingers, moon °and stars which Pthou hast ordained;
5 What is man, that 'thou art mindful of him? °and the son of man, that 'thou visitest him?
6 °For 'thou makest him a little lower than the angels [elohim], °and with glory °and honor 'thou crownest him.
7 'Thou makest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; all Pthou hast put under his feet;
8 Sheep °and oxen all of them, "yea, also, beasts of the field;
9 Fowl of heavens °and fishes of The sea——dpassing the paths of the seas.
10. Jehovah, our Lord [Adonim], how excellent thy name in all The earth!
Psa. 9
1 For dthe chief-Musician, concerning death for the son,. A Psalm of David.
2 will praise Jehovah, with all my heart; will
show forth all thy marvelous works.
3 will be glad °and 'rejoice in thee; will sing
praise to thy name, Most High.
4 In tithe turning back of dmy enemies, 'they shall fall °and 'perish from thy presence.
5 For Pthou hast maintained my right °and my cause; Pthou satest in the throne djudging [or judge of] righteousness.
6 P Thou hast rebuked the Nations, Pthou hast destroyed the wicked; their name Pthou hast put out forever "and ever.
7 0 denemy, destructions Phave ended for perpetuity; °and cities P thou hast destroyed; their memorial Phas perished with them.
8 "But Jehovah 'endures forever: Phe has prepared for judgment his throne.
9 °And he 'will judge the world in righteousness, 'he will minister judgment to the side-nations in uprightness.
10 "And Jehovah 'will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge for timc.3 in trouble.
11 vAnd swill trust in thee dthose knowing thy name; for not Phast thou forsaken dthose seeking thee, Jehovah.
12 e sing praises to Jehovah, d the dweller in Zion: declare among The Peoples his doings.
13 For dmaking inquisition for blood, them Phe remembered; Pnot has he forgotten the cry of the humble.
14 'Have mercy on me, Jehovah! e consider [TIN..1 my trouble d from my haters, d thou that art lifting me up from the gates of death:
15 That sI may show forth all thy praise in the gates of the daughter of Zion; 'I will rejoice in thy salvation.
16 The Nations Phave sunk down in the pit Pthey made; in the net which Pthey hid, their own foot Phas been taken.
11 Jehovah Phas been known by the judgment Phe has executed; in the work of his hands the wicked dis snared. Meditation. Pause.
18 The wicked shall be turned into hell; all the Nations forgetting Elohim.
19 For not alway-'shall be forgotten the needy;-[nor] the expectation of the poor 'perish forever.
20 eArise, Jehovah; 'man shall not prevail; the Nations 'shall be judged in thy presence.
21 CPut, Jehovah, fear on them; the Nations 'shall know that they are men. Pause.
Psa. 10
1 Why, Jehovah, sstandest thou in the distance? 'thou hidest for the times in trouble!
2 In the pride of the wicked she persecutes the poor; they will be taken in the devices which Pthey have imagined.
3 For the wicked Phas boasted of his soul's desire, vand Phas blessed d the covetous;-Jehovah Phas abhorred him.
4 The wicked according to the pride of his countenance, twill not seek; Elohim, there is none, is all his thoughts.
5 His ways f are grievous at every time; thy judgments are
a height far above him; all dhis enemies, f he puffs at them.
6 Pile has said in his heart, fI shall not be moved, who am not forever and ever in adversity.
7 Cursing Pleas filled his mouth land deceit vand fraud; under his tongue mischief vand evil.
8 'He sits in the lurking-places of the villages; in the secret places f he murders the innocent; his eyes fare privily set against the poor;
9 file lies in wait in the secret place, as a lion in his den; 'the lies in wait hto catch the poor: Elie catches the poor
b by drawing him into his net;
10 f He crouches, he (humbles himself, vand the poor P have fallen by his strong ones.
11 PHe said in his heart, El Phas forgotten; Phe has hid his.face; Phe has not seen-forever;
12 CArise, Jehovah, El clift up thy hand; (thou wilt not forget the humble:
13 Wherefore Phas the wicked contemned Elohim; Phe has said in his heart, (thou wilt not require it.
14 PThou hast seen it, for thou fbeholdest mischief vand spite, bto requite it with thy hand; the poor f commits himself to thee; of the fatherless thou Phast been d the helper.
15 eBreak thou the arm of the wicked vand evil; (thou wilt seek out his wickedness till f thou shalt not find any.
16 Jehovah is King forever vand ever; the Nations P have perished out of his land.
17 The desire of the humble Pthou hast heard, Jehovah; 'thou preparest their heart, 'thou causest thine ear to hear;
18 bTo judge the fatherless "rand oppressed, till not any more the man from The earth 'shall repeat bto oppress.
Psa. 11
1 For dthe chief-musician. David's. In Jehovah Phave I trusted; how 'say ye to my soul, cFlee, bird, to your mountain:
2 For, lo, The wicked 'bend the bow, Pthey have made ready their arrow on the string, to bshoot in the dark at the upright in heart.
3 If The foundations 'are destroyed, the righteous what Phas he done?
4 Jehovah is in the temple of his holiness; Jehovah, in the heavens is his throne; his eyes 'behold, his eyelids 'try the children of men:
5 Jehovah 'tries the righteous; 'but the wicked •and dthe lover of violence his soul Phas hated.
6 He 'shall rain on the wicked snares, fire yand brimstone, vand a wind of burnings; portion of their cup.
7 For righteous Jehovah righteousness Phas loved; his countenance 'beholds the upright.
Psa. 12
1 For dthe chief-Musician on The 8th. A Psalm of David.
2 °Help, Jehovah; for the godly man Phas ceased; for the faithful P have failed from among the children of men.
3 Vanity 'they speak, each with his neighbor; with lip of flatteries and with a double heart [/it. a heart and a heart] 'do they speak.
4 Jehovah (shall cut off all lips of flatteries, the tongue d speaking proud things,
5 Which Phave said, with our tongue twill we prevail; our, lips are our own; who is lord [adon] over us?
6 For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now 'will I arise, f saith Jehovah; will set him in safety as to him that (puffs at him
7 The words of Jehovah are pure words; silver dtried in furnace of earth, dpurified seven times.
8 Thou' shalt keep them, Jehovah; 'thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever.
9 The wicked 'walk around, according to bthe exalting of the vilest of the children of men.
Psa. 13
1 For d the chief-Musician. A Psalm of David.
2 Till when, Jehovah,' wilt thou forget me? Forever? Till when fhidest thou thy face from me.
3 Till when 'shall I take counsel in my soul, sorrow is in my heart daily; till when 'shall dmine enemy be exalted over me?
4 °Consider, °hear me, Jehovah my Elohim; °lighten mine eyes, lest fI sleep The sleep of death;
5 Lest dmy enemy' shall say, PI have prevailed against him; my troublers 'rejoice when am moved.
6 "But I in thy mercy Phave trusted; my heart 'shall rejoice in thy salvation; fI will sing to Jehovah, for Phe has dealt bountifully with me.
Psa. 14
1 For tithe chief-Musician. Of David. The fool Phas said in his heart, No, Elohim. PThey have been corrupt, Phave done abominable works; ewe is none ddoing good.
5—Ministry of GM Vol.
2 Jehovah Plooked down from heaven on the children of men, bto see whether there was the existence of dan understanding, one, "seeking Elohim.
3 PHave these all gone aside, together? PHave they become filthy? Is there none ddoing good, none, not even one!
4 Whether Phave all "the workers of iniquity no knowledge? seating up my People Pthey have eaten bread; on Jehovah Phave they not called.
5 There Pthey feared a great fear; for Elohim is in the generation of the righteous.
6 The counsel of the poor you put to shame, because Jehovah is his refuge.
7 Who 'will give the salvation of Israel out of Zion! bin Jehovah's leading captive the captivity of his People, Jacob 'shall rejoice, Israel 'shall be glad.
Psa. 15
1 A Psalm of David. Jehovah, who "shall abide in thy tabernacle? who 'shall dwell in the hill of tny holiness?
2 dile walking uprightly, °and "working righteousness, °and dspeaking the truth in his heart.
3 PHe has not backbitten with his tongue; Phe has not done to his neighbor evil, rand a. reproach against his neighbor Phe has not taken up.
4 dA vile person in his eyes Phas been contemned; °and "the fearers of Jehovah 'he honors; Phe has sworn to bhis own hurt, °and 'he changes not.
5 His silver Phe has not put out at usury; °and a bribe against the innocent Phe has not taken; ddoing these things 'he shall never be moved.
Psalm 16
1 A golden Psalm of David. cPreserve me, El; for P I have trusted in thee.
2 My soul, Pthou hast said to Jehovah, Adonay art thou; my goodness not to thee,
3 But to the saints that are on earth sand the excellent; in them is all my delight.
4 Their sorrows 'shall be multiplied; Pthey have hastened after another; not 'will I offer their drink-offerings of blood, °and not 'will I take up their names on my lips.
5 Jehovah is the portion of my inheritance °and of my cup; thou idost maintain my lot.
6 The lines P have fallen to me in pleasant things; yea, a heritage of beauty is mine.
7 tI will bless Jehovah, who Phas given me counsel; my reins also Phave instructed me in the night-seasons.
8 PI have set. Jehovah before me always; because he is at my right hand, shall not be moved.
9 Therefore my heart Phas been glad, °and my, glory 'rejoices; my flesh also 'shall rest in hope.
10 For 'thou wilt not leave my soul in hell; 'thou wilt not suffer thy holy one bto see corruption:
11 'Thou wilt make me to know the path of life; fullness of joys is in thy presence; pleasures at thy right hand for evermore.
Psa. 17
1 A prayer of David. glee.; Jehovah, righteousness; °attend to my cry; °give ear to my prayer which is not from lips of deceit.
2 From thy presence my sentence 'shall come forth; thine eyes 'behold upright things.
3 PThou hast proved my heart; Pthou hast visited me at night; Pthou hast tried me, 'thou wilt not find anything; PI have purposed it; my mouth 'shall not transgress.
4 As to the works of men, by the word of thy lips I Phave kept from the paths of the destroyer.
5 bHolding up my goings in thy pathways, my footsteps Phave not slipped.
6 I Phave called on thee, for 'thou hearest me, El; °incline thine ear to me, °hear my speech.
7 °Show thy lovingkindness, dcausing to save by thy right hand dthose trusting in thee d from those rising up
against them.
8 eKeep me as the apple of the eye; under the shadow of thy wings 'thou wilt hide me.
9 From the face of the wicked who Phave oppressed me, d my enemies against the soul, 'they compass me about.
10 Their fat P has enclosed them; as to their mouth Pthey
have spoken with pride.
11 As to our steps, P they have now compassed us in; their eyes 'they set bto bow down on the earth,
12 Like as a lion 'is greedy bto tear in pieces, "and as a young lion-dlurking in secret places.
13 'Arise, Jehovah, eanticipate his face, °cast him down: °deliver my soul from the wicked who is thy sword:
14 From mortals which are thy hand, Jehovah, from mortals of the world; their portion is in this life, °and with thy hidden things 'thou fillest their belly; 'they are full of children, yand Phave left their residue to their babes.
15 I,-in righteousness 'will I behold thy face; shall be satisfied bin waking up in thy likeness.
Psa. 18
1 For dthe chief Musician. For the servant of Jehovah, David: who Pspake to Jehovah the words of The [or This] very song in the day Jehovah P delivered him from the hand of all dhis enemies, °and from the hand of Saul.
2 And 'he says: Jehovah, my strength, love thee.
3 Jehovah my rock, °and my fortress °and dmy deliverer; my El, my strength, 'I trust in him; my buckler, "and horn of my salvation, my high-tower.
4 call on Jehovah, dwho is praise-worthy: °and
shall be saved from dmy enemies.
5 Cords of death Pcompassed me, °and floods of belial jungodliness] 'make me afraid.
6 The cords of hell P surrounded me: the snares of death Panticipated me.
7 In distress on me, tI call on Jehovah, °and 'cry to my Elohim; 'he hears my voice from his temple, °and my.cry before his face 'comes into his ears.
8 °And The earth "Shakes and 'trembles; °and the foundations of the hills 'move °and 'are shaken, for Pthere is wrath to him.
9 A smoke Pwent up out of his nostrils, °and fire from his mouth 'devours: coals P were kindled by it.
10 °And 'he bows the heavens, °and 'comes down; °and darkness is under his feet.
11 °And 'he rides on a cherub, and 'flies; "yea, 'he flies on the wings of the wind.
12 11Ie makes darkness his secret-place; round about
him, his pavilion is darkness of waters, thick-clouds of the skies.
13 From the brightness before him his thick-clouds Ppassed, hail °and coals of fire;
14 °And Jehovah 'thunders in the heavens, °and the Most- High 'gives forth his voice; hail °and coals of fire;
15 °And 'he sends out his arrows, °and 'scatters them; °and Phe shot out lightnings, °and 'discomforts them;
16 °And the channels of waters rare seen, rand the foundations of the world 'are discovered at thy rebuke, Jehovah; at the blast of the breath of thy nostrils:
17 'He sends from above, 'he takes me, 'he draws me out of many waters,
18 'He delivers me from my strong denemy °and from dthose hating me; for Pthey were strong above me.
19 'They anticipate me in the day of my calamity; °but Jehovah 'is for a stay to me;
20 °And, 'he brings me forth into a large place; 'he delivers me, because Phe delighted in me.
21 Jehovah 'rewards me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands 'does he recompense me.
22 For PI have kept the ways of Jehovah, °and Phave not wickedly departed from my Elohim.
23 For all his judgments are before me, °and put not away his statutes from me.
24 °And /I am upright with him, °and 'keep myself from my iniquity.
25 °And Jehovah 'recompenses me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his eyesight.
9A With the merciful 'thou wilt show thyself merciful:
with an upright mighty one 'thou wilt show thyself upright;
27 With dthe pure 'thou wilt show thyself pure; °and with the froward 'thou wilt show thyself froward.
28 For thou 'wilt save an afflicted People; °but 'wilt bring clown eyes of exaltation.
29 For thou 'wilt light my candle; Jehovah, my Elohim, 'will enlighten my darkness.
30 For by thee run through a troop, °and by my Elohim leap a wall;
31 The El, his way is perfect; the word of Jehovah is dtried; a buckler he to all Those dtrusting in him
32 For who is Eloah besides Jehovah? °and who a rock save our Elohim;
33 The El, The one dgirding me with strength, °and the makes my way perfect;
34 dMaking my feet like the hinds, °and 'he sets me on my high places;
35 dTeaching my hands for the war, °and a bow of steel Phas been broken by my arms.
36 "And 'thou givest to me the shield of thy salvation; °and thy right hand 'holds me up, °and thy gentleness 'makes me great.
37 'Thou enlargest my steps under me, °and my feet P have not slipped.
38 will pursue dmine enemies, °and 'overtake them, °and snot turn again till btheir consuming.
39 wound them, °and they are not able bto rise;
they are fallen under my feet.
40 °And 'thou girdest me with strength for the battle; 'thou subduest under me dthose rising up against me,
41 PThou hast given me °also the necks of d my enemies; °and will destroy those dhating me:
42 'They cry, °but none dsaving them; on Jehovah, "but Phe answered them not.
43 °Then 'do I beat them small as dust before the face of the wind; as the dirt of the streets do cast them out.
44 'Thou deliverest me from the strivings of the People; 'thou makest me for head of the Nations; a People PI have not known 'shall serve me.
45 "At the hearing of the ear, 'they will hear me; children of the stranger 'will submit themselves to me.
46 The children of the stranger 'fade away, °and rare afraid out of their close places.
47 Jehovah is living, °and dblessed be my rock; °and the Elohim of my salvation 'shall be exalted;
48 The El is The one d giving requitals for me, °and 'he will subjugate the Peoples under me;
49 dDelivering me d from my enemies; yea, 'thou liftest me up from among dthose rising up against me; from the man of violence 'thou deliverest me.
50 Therefore give thanks to thee, Jehovah, among
the Nations, °and to thy name sing praise.
51 dMagnifying salvation to his King; °and dshowing lovingkindness to his Anointed, to David, °and to his seed for evermore.
1 For dthe chief-Musician. A Psalm of David.
2 The heavens dare declaring the glory of El; °and The firmament dshowing the work of his hands:
3 Day to day 'utters speech, °and night to night 'shows knowledge;
4 No speech °and no language, but their voice Phas been heard;
5 Their line Phas gone out through all The earth, and their words to the end of the world; in them Phas he set a tabernacle for the sun,
6 °And he as a bridegroom "going out of his chamber, the rejoices as a strong one b to run a race;
7 His going forth is from the end of The heavens, rand his circuit to the ends of them; °and nothing "has been hid from the heat thereof.
8 The law of. Jehovah is perfect, "converting the soul; the testimony of Jehovah d is sure, "making-wise the simple.
9 The statutes of Jehovah are right, "rejoicing the heart; the commandment of Jehovah is pure, d enlighteninsg the eyes.
10 The fear of Jehovah is clean, "enduring forever; the judgments a Jehovah are truth, P they have been righteous altogether.
11 Thessalonians are "to be desired more than gold, rand than much fine gold; °and sweeter than honey °and the honeycomb.
12 Also by them is thy servant "warned; bin keeping of them is great reward.
13 Who 'understands his errors? ccleanse thou me from "secret things.
14 'Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous things; they shall not have dominion over me; then shall be upright; °and PI have been innocent from the great transgression.
15 The words of my mouth, °and the meditation of my heart, 'will be acceptable in thy sight, Jehovah, my strength °and "my redeemer.
Psa. 20
1 For dthe chief-Musician. A Psalm of David.
2 Jehovah 'hears thee in the day of trouble; the name of the Elohim of Jacob 'defends thee;
3 'Sends thee help from the sanctuary, °and 'strengthens thee out of Zion
4 'Remembers all thy offerings °and 'accepts thy burnt sacrifice. Pause.
5 'Grants thee according to thine heart, °and 'fulfills all thy counsel.
6 'We will rejoice in thy salvation, °and in the name of our Elohim 'we will set up banners; Jehovah 'fulfills all thy petitions.
7 Now PI have known that Jehovah Phas saved his Anointed; 'he will hear him from the heavens of his holiness, with the strength of the salvation of his right hand.
8 These of the chariot, °and these of horses; °but we 'will make mention of the name of Jehovah our Elohim.
9 These Phave been brought down and Phave fallen; "but we Phave risen °and 'stand upright.
10 Jehovah °save The king; 'he hears us in the day of boor calling.
Psa. 21
1 For dthe chief-Musician. A Psalm of David.
2 Jehovah, in thy strength the king, 'shall joy; °and in thy salvation how greatly 'shall he rejoice.
3 Desire of his heart Pthou hast given to him, °and request of his lips P thou hast not' withholden. Pause.
4 For 'thou dost anticipate him with blessings of goodness; 'thou settest a crown of pure gold on his head.
5 Life Phe asked from thee, Pthou gavest to him length of days forever and ever.
6 Great is his glory in thy salvation; honor °and majesty 'thou layest on him.
7 For 'thou dost make him blessings forever; fthon dost make him glad with the joy of thy countenance.
8 For The king ti is trusting in Jehovah, °and in the loving-kindness of the Most High, not 'shall he be moved.
9 Thine hand 'shall find out all dthine enemies; thy right hand 'shall find out dthose hating thee.
10 'Thou shalt make them as an oven of fire in the time of thine anger; Jehovah in his wrath 'will swallow them up, °and fire 'shall devour them.
11 Their fruit 'wilt thou destroy from the earth. °and their seed from among the children of men.
12 For P they intended evil against thee; P they imagined a mischievous device, which 'they are not able to do.
13 For 'thou wilt make them turn the back; 'thou wilt make ready on thy bow strings against the face of them.
14.eBe exalted, Jehovah, in thy strength; iwe will sing °and 'praise thy power.
Psa. 22
1 For tithe chief-Musician, on The hind of The dawn. A Psalm of David.
2 My El, my El, why Phast thou forsaken me! far from helping me, the words of my roaring.
3 My Elohim, cry in the daytime, °but "thou hearest not, °and in the night season, °and there is no silence to me.
4 °But thou art holy, dthe one inhabiting the praises of Israel.
5 In thee our fathers P trusted; Pthey trusted, vand 'thou rescuest them;
6 To thee Pthey cried "and P were delivered; in thee Pthey trusted, vand P were not confounded.
7 vBut I a worm vand no man; a reproach of men vand ddespised of the People.
8 All dseeing me 'scornfully laugh at me; 'they shoot out the lip, 'they shake the head,
9 bRolling on Jehovah, 'he rescues him; 'he will draw him forth, for Phe delighted in him.
10 For thou art d the taker of me out of the womb; dmaking me hope on the breasts of my mother.
11 Upon thee P was I cast from the womb; from the belly of my mother, my El art thou.
12 'Thou wilt not be far from me; for trouble is near; for none dhelping.
13 Many bulls P have compassed me; strong ones of Basilan P have beset me round.
14 PThey gaped on me their mouths, as a lion dravening and d roaring;
15 PI have been poured out like water, vand all my bones P have been out of joint; my heart Phas been like wax, pit has been melted in the midst of my bowels.
16 My strength Phas been dried up like a potsherd; "and my tongue d cleaved to my jaws; vand 'thou bringest me to the dust of death.
17 For dogs Phave compassed me; the assembly of d the wicked Phave enclosed me; Pthey pierced my hands "and my feet.
18 tell all my bones; these 'look, 'they stare on
19 'They part my garments among them, rand 'cast the lot on my vesture.
20 °But thou, Jehovah, 'art not far off. My strength, for my help chaste thou;
21 eDeliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the hand of the dog.
22 °Save me from the mouth of the lion; °even from the horns of the unicorns, P thou hast heard me.
23 will declare thy name to my brethren; in the
midst of the congregation 'will I praise thee.
24 Fearers of Jehovah, cpraise him; all ye the seed of Jacob eglorify him; °and efear before him, all ye the seed of Israel.
25 For Phe has not despised °and Phe has not abhorred the affliction of the afflicted one; °and Phe has not hidden his face from him; °and bin his crying to him Phe heard.
26 Of thee my praise shall be in the great congregation; my vows 'will I pay before his fearers.
27 The meek 'shall eat °and ibe satisfied; dthose seeking him 'shall praise Jehovah; your heart 'shall live forever.
28 All the ends of the earth 'shall remember °and 'turn to Jehovah; °and all the kindreds of the Nations 'shall worship before thee.
29 For to Jehovah is The kingdom; °and dhe ruling among the Nations.
30 All the fat of the earth Phave eaten °and 'worship; all dgoing down to the dust 'shall bow before him; °and his own soul Phe has not kept alive.
31 A seed 'serves him; 'it shalt be accounted to Adonay for a generation.
32 'They come °and 'declare his righteousness to a People dabout to be born; for Phe has done it.
Psa. 23
1 A Psalm of David. Jehovah dis shepherding me: tI do not want.
2 In pastures of greenness the makes me to lie down; by waters of rest the leads me;
3 My soul the restores; the leads me in paths of righteousness, for the sake of his name.
4 Yea, though tI walk in the valley of the shadow of death, 'I will not fear evil; for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, these tcomfort me.
5 Thou preparest before me a table in the presence of dray enemies; Pthou hast anointed my head with oil; my cup runs over.
6 Surely goodness °and lovingkindness twill follow me all the days of my- life; "and PI have dwelt in the house of Jehovah for ever.
Psa. 24
1 For David. A psalm. The earth is for Jehovah vand its fullness; the world °and dthose dwelling in it:
2 For he. Phas founded it on the seas. °and!establishes it on the floods.
3 Who tascends into the mount of Jehovah; yand who 'shall stand in the place of his holiness?
4 Clean of hands "and the pure of heart; who Phas not lifted up his soul to vanity vand Phas not sworn deceitfully:
5 'He shall receive blessing from Jehovah, rand righteousness from the Elohim of his salvation.
6 This the generation of dthose following him, dseeking thy face, Jacob. Pause.
7 °Lift up ye gates your heads; wand be you; lifted up, you doors of everlasting; °and the king of The glory 'shall come in.
8 Who is this king of The glory? Jehovah strong °and mighty, Jehovah mighty in battle.
9 °Lift up ye gates your heads; °and °lift up ye doors of everlasting: rand the king of The glory 'shall come in.
10 Who, He, this king of The glory? Jehovah of hosts, He is King of The glory. Pause.
Psa. 25
1. For David. To thee, Jehovah, lift up my soul:
2 My Elohim, in thee Phave I trusted, shall not be ashamed; dmy enemies 'shall not triumph over me;
3 Yea, not any dof those waiting on thee 'shall be ashamed: The d transgressors without cause 'shall be ashamed.
4 °Show me thy ways, Jehovah; °teach me thy paths.
5 °Lead me in thy truth, °and °teach me; for thou art Elohim of my salvation; on thee Phave I waited all The day.
6 °Remember, Jehovah, thy tender-mercies rand thy lovingkindnesses; for these are ever of old.
7 The sins of my youth °and my transgressions 'thou wilt not remember: thou, according to thy lovingkindness °remember thou me, for the sake of thy goodness, Jehovah.
8 Good °and upright is Jehovah; therefore 'will he teach sinners in the way.
9 'He will guide the meek in judgment; °and the meek 'will he teach his way.
10 All the paths of Jehovah are lovingkindness °and truth dto those keeping his covenant °and his testimonies.
11 For the sake of thy name, Jehovah, Pthou hast pardoned °also my iniquity, for it is great.
12 Who this The man fearing Jehovah? the will teach him in, the way the will choose.
13 His soul f shall dwell in good; °and his seed f shall inherit the earth.
14 The secret of Jehovah is for those fearing him °and his covenant, "to make them know it.
15 My eyes are ever toward Jehovah; for he twill pluck my feet out of the net.
16 "Turn thou to me, °and "have mercy on me, for solitary °and afflicted am I.
17. The troubles of my heart Phave been enlarged; out of my distresses "bring me.
18 "Look on my affliction rand my pain, °and "forgive all my sins.
19 "Look on dmy enemies, for Pthey have increased, °and Pthey have hated me with hatred of violence.
20 "Keep my soul, 'and "deliver me; CI shall not be ashamed, for PI have trusted in thee.
21 Integrity °and uprightness twill preserve me; for PI have waited on thee.
22 "Redeem, Israel, Elohim out of all his troubles.
Psa. 26
1 For David. "Judge me, Jehovah, for I Phave walked in my integrity, °and in Jehovah PI have trusted; f I shall not slide.
2 "Examine me, Jehovah, °and "prove me; "try my reins °and my heart;
3 For thy lovingkindness is before mine eyes; °and PI have walked in thy truth;
4 PI have not sat with vain mortals, °and with ddissembiers sI go not;
5 PI have hated the congregation of devil-doers, ° and with the wicked s I will not sit.
6 sI will wash in innocency my hands, vand I will compass thy altar, Jehovah:
7 bTo make known with the voice of thanksgiving; °and bto tell of all thy dwondrous-works.
8 Jehovah, P I have loved the habitation of thy house, °and the place of the dwelling of thy glory.
9 (Thou wilt not gather with sinners my soul, °and with men of blood my life;
9 As to whom in their hands is mischief, °and their right hand Phas been full of bribes:
10 °But I, in my integrity swill walk; eredeem me, °and ebe merciful to me.
11 My foot Phas stood in an even place; in the congregations swill I bless Jehovah.
Psa. 27
1 For David. Jehovah, my light °and my salvetion. Of whom (shall I be in fear? Jehovah the strength of my life, of whom sshall I be afraid?
2 bIn drawing near to me d the wicked, bto eat up my flesh, my foes °and d my enemies against me these Pstumbled °and P fell.
3 If a camp sencamps against me, my heart sshall not fear; if war irises against me, in this am I dconfideut.
4 One thing Phave I desired from Jehovah, that swill I seek after; bmy dwelling in the house of Jehovah all the days of my life, bto behold the beauty of Jehovah, °and bto inquire in his temple.
5 For the will conceal me in his pavilion in the day of trouble, he will, hide me in the secret of his tabernacle; on a rock 'will he set me up.
6 °And now my head 'shall be lifted up above dmy enemies round about me, °and will offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; will sing, °even will sing praises to Jehovah.
7 °Hear, Jehovah, with my voice cry; °and thave
mercy' on me, °and °answer me.
8 To thee Psaid my heart, °Seek ye my face; thy face, Jehovah, tI will seek
9 'Thou hidest not thy face from me, 'thou puttest not in anger thy servant away; my help Phast thou been: 'thou wilt not leave me, °and "thou wilt not forsake me, God of my salvation.
10 When my father °and my mother Pforsook me, °even Jehovah 'takes me up.
11 eTeach me thy way, Jehovah, °and elead me in a plain path, because of dmy enemies.
12 'Thou wilt not give me over to the desire of my enemies, for witnesses of lies Phave risen up against me, °and those breathing out cruelty: they'l triumph,
13 Unless PI have believed bto look on the goodness of Jehovah in the land of the living.
14 eWait thou on Jehovah; the strong, °and 'he will strengthen thy heart, °even ewait on Jehovah.
Psa. 28
1 For David. To thee, Jehovah, cry, my rock;
'thou wilt not be silent as to me, lest, if 'thou art silent
as to me, PI °even have become like dthose going down to
the pit.
2 eHear the voice of my supplications, bin my crying to thee, bin the lifting up of my hands to the oracle of thy holiness.
3 'Thou wilt.not draw me away with the wicked, vand with dthe workers of iniquity, dspeaking peace with their neighbors, vand mischief in their hearts.
4 °Give to them according to their work, vand according to the wickedness of their endeavors: according to the work of their hands °give to them; °return to them their desert.
5 Because 'they regard not the works of Jehovah vand the operation of his hands; he will destroy them, vand 'not build them up.
6 dBlessed be Jehovah, because Phe hag heard the voice of my supplications.
7 Jehovah is my strength vand my shield; in him my heart Ptrusted, vand PI have been helped; "and my heart 'greatly rejoiceth: "and with my song 'I will praise him
8 Jehovah is strength to them, vand the strength of the salvations of his anointed is he.
9 °Save thy People, "and °bless thy inheritance; "and efeed them, "and °lift them up for The ever [eternity].
Psa. 29
1 A Psalm of David. e Give to Jehovah, ye sons of the mighty, egive to Jehovah, glory °and strength.
2 eGive to Jehovah, the glory of his name; eworship toward Jehovah in the beauty of holiness.
3 The voice of Jehovah is on The waters; El of The glory Phas thundered; Jehovah is on many waters.
4 The voice of Jehovah is in power; The voice of Jehovah in majesty.
5 The voice of Jehovah dbreaking cedars; °and Jehovah, the breaks the cedars of The Lebanon.
6 °And the makes them skip as a calf,-Lebanon `'and Sirion as the young of unicorns.
7 The voice of Jehovah d dividing the flames of fire;
8 The voice of Jehovah, 'shakes the wilderness; Jehovah 'shakes the wilderness of Kadesh;
9 The voice of Jehovah 'makes the hinds to calve, °and 'lays bare the forests, °and in his temple each of his dspeaking of glory.
10 Jehovah on the flood Phas sat; °yea, Jehovah 'sits King forever.
11 Jehovah, strength to his People 'gives; Jehovah 'blesses his People with peace.
Psa. 30
1 A Psalm; Song of dedication of The house of David
2 will extol thee, Jehovah; for P thou hast lifted me
up, vand not Pmade dmy foes to rejoice over me.
3 Jehovah my Elohim PI cried to thee, °and 'thou healest me.
4 Jehovah, Pthou hast brought up my soul from the grave; P thou hast kept me alive bfrom my going down to the pit.
5 eSing to Jehovah, ye his saints, "and cgive thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.
6 For a moment is in his anger; life is in his favor; weeping 'will endure for a night, °and in the morning joy.
7 "And I Psaid in my prosperity, 'I shall not be removed forever;
8 Jehovah, by thy favor Pthou hast made to stand my
mountAin in strength: Pthou didst hide thy face, PI became d troubled.
9 To thee, Jehovah, 'I cry, rand to Jehovah make my supplication.
10 What profit in my blood, bin my going down to the pit. Whether 'shall the dust give thanks to thee? Whether 'will it declare thy truth?
11 el:Tear, Jehovah, rand have mercy on me; Jehovah, °be thou dhelping me,
12 P Thou hest turned my mourning to dancing for me; Pthou hest put of my sackcloth, vand 'thou girdest me with gladness.
13 To the end that glory 'shall sing praise to thee, vand 'it shall not be silent. Jehovah my Elohim, forever 'will I give thee thanks.
Psa. 31
1 For dthe chief-Musician. A Psalm of David.
2 In thee, Jehovah, Phave I trusted, shall not be
ashamed for. ever; in thy righteousness e.deliver me.
3 dBow down to me thine ear; speedily d deliver me; cbe to me for a strong rock, for a house of defense bto save me;
4 For my rock rand my fortress art thou; °and for the sake of thy name 'thou wilt lead me, rand 'guide me;
5 'Thou wilt pull me out of the net which P they have laid privily for me, for thou art my strength.
6 Into thy hand commit my spirit; Pthou hast redeemed me, Jehovah, El of truth.
7 PI have hated dthose regarding vanities of lying, rand I in Jehovah Pliave trusted.
8 'I will be glad vand 'will rejoice in thy loving-kind-
ness; in that Pthou hast seen my trouble; Pthou hast known in adversities my soul.
9 rAnd Pthou hast not shut me up in the hand of the denemy; Pthou hast made my feet stand in a large room.
10 Have mercy on me, Jehovah, for trouble is on me; mine eye Phas been consumed with grief, my soul rand my belly.
11 For my life Phas consumed with grief, rand my years with sighing; my strength Phas failed from my iniquity, rand my bones Phave consumed.
12 PI became a reproach among all my denemies, 'and greatly to my neighbors; rand a fear to my dacquaintance; dthose seeing me without P they fled from me.
13 P I have been forgotten as a dead man out of mind, P I have been as a vessel dperishing.
14 For PI have heard the slander of many; fear was on every side; bin their taking counsel together against me, P they devised b th,e taking of my life.
15 v But I P trusted on thee, Jehovah; P I said, my Elohim art thou.
16 In thy hand are my times, edeliver me. from the hand of dmy enemies rand from dthose persecuting me.
17 elVIake thy face to shine upon thy servant; °save me in thy loving-kindness.
18 Jehovah, shall not be ashamed, for PI have called on thee; the wicked 'shall be ashamed, they shall be silent in the grave.
19 Lips of lies 'shall be put to silence; dThose speaking against the righteous grievous things, in pride rand contempt.
20 How great thy goodness, which Pthou hast laid up for those fearing thee; Pthou hast wrought for dthose trusting in thee before the sons of men:
21 'Thou wilt hide them in the hiding-place of thy presence from the pride of man; 'thou wilt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.
22 d Blessed be Jehovah, for Phe has showed me his marvelous loving-kindness in a strong city.
23 vAnd PI said in my haste, PI have been cut off from before thine eyes, surely Pthou heardest the voice of my supplications bin my crying to thee.
24 eLove Jehovah, all ye his saints; Jehovah d preserver of the faithful, "and drequiting plentifully the proud ddoer.
25 cBe strong, v and the will strengthen your hearts, all °Those hoping in Jehovah.
Psa. 32
1 David's. Instruction. Blessed is dhe who is forgiven as to transgression, °and dcovered as to sin.
2 Blessed is the man to whom Jehovah 'imputes not iniquity; °and in his spirit there is no guile.
3 When PI kept silence, my bones Pwaxed old through my roaring all The day.
4 For day °and night thy hand 'is heavy on me; my moisture Phas been turned into the drought of summer. Pause.
5 My sin acknowledge, °and my iniquity PI have not hid; PI said, confess concerning my transgressions to Jehovah; °and thou P thou didst forgive the iniquity of my sin. Pause.
6 For this every one that is godly 'shall pray to thee in a time of bfinding; surely in the flood of great waters 'they will not come nigh to him.
7 Thou art a hiding-place for me; from trouble 'thou wilt preserve me; with songs of deliverance 'thou wilt compass me about Pause.
8 will instruct thee °and 'teach thee in what way
'thou shalt go; will guide over thee mine eye.
9 'You shall not be as horse, as mule, without bunderstanding; with bit "and bridle their mouth bto restrain, that there be not bthe drawing near to thee.
10 Many sorrows are to the wicked; "but The dtruster in Jehovah, loving-kindness 'shall compass him about.
11 °Be glad in Jehovah, °and °rejoice, ye righteous; °and °shout for joy, all ye upright in heart.
Psa. 33
1 eRejoice, ye righteous, in Jehovah; for the upright praise is comely.
2 ° Praise Jehovah with harp, with psaltery of ten strings, c sing to him.
3 °Sing ye to him a new song, edo well in bplaying with a loud noise.
4 For right is the word of Jehovah, °and all his works are in truth:
5 dLoving righteousness °and judgment, he; with the loving kindness of Jehovah The earth Pis full;
6 By the word of Jehovah the heavens P were made, °and by the breath of his mouth all their host;
7 d Gathering together as an heap the waters of The sea, slaying up in stores the depths;
8 All The earth 'shall fear Jehovah, all dthe inhabitants of the world 'shall be in awe of him.
9 For he Pspoke, °and 'it exists; Phe commanded, °and 'it stands fast.
10 Jehovah Pbrought to naught the counsel of the Nations, Pile made the devices of the Peoples of none effect.
11 The counsel of Jehovah 'stands forever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations.
12 Blessed is The Nation whose Elohim is Jehovah, The People Phe has chosen for an inheritance to himself.
13 From the heavens Plooked down Jehovah, Phe beheld all the sons of The man.
14 From the place of bhis dwelling Phe looked to all d those inhabiting The earth.
15 d The one forming their hearts alike, dThe one considering all their works.
16 No one who is The king is "saved by the multitude of a host, a mighty one 'is not delivered by much strength.
17 Vain The horse for safety, °and not by his great strength is he saved.
18 Behold, the eye of Jehovah is on those fearing him, on dthose hoping in his kindness,
19 bTo deliver from death their soul, °and bto keep them alive in famine.
20 Our soul Phas waited on Jehovah, our help °and our shield is he.
21 For in him 'rejoices our heart, for P we trusted in the name of his holiness.
22 Thy kindness, Jehovah, 'is on us, as P we hoped in thee.
Psa. 34
1 David's. bIn his changing his conduct before Abimelech; °and 'he drives him away, °and 'he departs.
2 bless Jehovah at all times, continually his praise
is in my mouth.
3 In Jehovah my soul 'shall make her boast; the humble 'shall hear °and the glad.
4 eMagnify Jehovah with me, °and 'we will exalt his name together.
5 PI sought Jehovah, °and Phe heard me, and from all my fears P delivered me.
6 PThey looked to him, °and P were enlightened, °and their faces rare not ashamed.
7 This poor man Pcried, °and Jehovah Pheard, rand out of all his troubles Psaved him
8 dEnc,amping is the angel of Jehovah round about to those fearing him, °and 'he will deliver them.
9 eTaste °and °see that Jehovah is good; blessed is The mighty man that trusts in him.
10 eFear Jehovah, ye his saints, for no want is there to those fearing him.
11 Young lions Phave lacked, °and Phungered, °but dthose seeking Jehovah 'shall not want any good.
12 °Come, children, °hearken to me, will teach you the fear of Jehovah.
13 Who is The man The one desiring life, dloving days to "see good in?
14 °Keep thy tongue from evil, °and thy lips from bspeaking
15 °Depart from evil, °and edo good; °seek peace, °and °pursue it.
16 The eyes of Jehovah are toward the righteous, °and his ears toward their cry.
17 The face of Jehovah is against dthose doing wrong, bto cut off from the earth the remembrance of them.
181 'Men have cried, °and Jehovah Phas heard, °and P delivered them out of all their troubles.
19 Nigh is Jehovah to dthe broken of heart, °and the contrite of spirit 'he saves.
20 Many are the afflictions of the righteous, "but out of them all Jehovah "delivers him;
21 Keeping all his bones, one of them Phas not been broken.
22 Evil 'shall slay the wicked, °and dthose hating the righteous 'shall be desolate.
23 Jehovah dis redeeming the soul of his servants, °and not any of dThose trusting in him 'shall be desolate.
Psa. 35
1 For David. eContend, Jehovah, with dthose contending with me; e fight against dthose fighting against me.
2 el'ake hold of shield °and buckler, 'and estand up for my help;
3 °And edraw out the spear, °and estop bthe meeting with me dof those persecuting me; esay to my soul, thy salvation am I.
4 'They shall be confounded °and 'shall be put to shame dthose seeking after my soul; 'they shall be turned back 'and 'brought to confusion ddevising my hurt;
5 'They shall be as chaff before the wind, 'and the angel of Jehovah dachasing;
6 Their way 'shall be darkness 'and slippery; 'and the angel of Jehovah dperseeuting them;
7 For without cause Phave they hid for me their net in a pit, without cause Pthey digged it for my soul;
8 Destruction 'shall come on him, not 'shall he know of it, °and his net.which Phe hid 'shall catch himself; into destruction 'he shall fall in it.
9 'And my soul 'shall be joyful in Jehovah; 'it shall rejoice in his salvation.
10 All my bones 'shall say, Jehovah, who is like to thee, ddelivering the poor from the stronger than he; 'yea, the poor °and needy from him depoiling him.
11 'There rise up witnesses of violence, who 'lay to my change things PI knew not.
12 'They reward me evil for good, a spoiling of my
13 °And I, bin their being sick, my clothing was sackcloth, PI humbled my soul with fasting, "and my prayer 'returns to my bosom.
14 As a friend, as a brother to me, PI behaved myself; as one mourning a mother PI bowed down, dbeing heavy.
15 "But in my adversity Pthey rejoiced, "and Pwere gathered together, the abjects Pwere gathered together against me, "and PI knew it not; Pthey did tear me, "and P ceased not.
16 With hypocritical mockers at feasts, bgnashing on me with their teeth.
17 Adonay, how long 'wilt thou look on? °rescue my soul from their destructions, from the lions my darling.
18 will give thee thanks in the great congregation;
among a strong People will praise thee.
19 dMy enemies wrongfully 'shall not rejoice over me; dthose hating me without a cause 'shall not wink the eye.
20 For not peace 'speak they, "and against the quiet in the land. 'they devise deceitful things.
21 "Yea, 'they open wide their mouth against the; Pthey said Aha, aha, our eye Phas seen it.
22 PThou hast seen, Jehovah, 'thou wilt not keep silence; Adonay, 'thou wilt not be far from me.
23 °Stir up thyself, °and °awake to my judgment, my Elohim "and Adonay to my cause.
24 eJudge me according to thy righteousness, Jehovah my Elohim; "and 'they will not rejoice over me.
25 'They will not say in their hearts, Aha, our soul, [our desire this]; 'they will not say, PWe have swallowed him up.
26 'They will be ashamed,'"and 'brought to confusion
together, dthose rejoicing at my hurt; 'they will be clothed
with shame "and dishonor, d Those magnifying against me.
27 'They shall shout for joy, "and 'be glad that favor my righteousness, vand 'they shall say continually: Jehovah 'shall be magnified, The one taking pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.
28 vAnd my tongue 'shall speak of thy righteousness; all The day of thy praise.
Psa. 36
1 For dthe chief Musician. Of David, servant of Jehovah.
2 The transgression of the wicked d is saying in the inside of my heart,-there is no fear of Elohim before his eyes,
3 For Phe has flattered himself in his eyes, to bthe finding of his iniquity bto be hateful;
4 The words of his mouth are iniquity "and deceit:, Phe has left off bto be wise bto do good;
5 Mischief 'he devises on his bed, %e sets himself on a way not good, evil 'he abhors not.
6 Jehovah in The heavens is thy loving-kindness; thy faithfulness unto the clouds;
.7 Thy righteousness is as the mountains of El.; thy judgments are a great deep; Man "and beast 'thou preservest Jehovah.
8 How excellent is thy loving-kindness, Elohim; "therefore the children of men 'trust under the shadow of thy wings.
9 'They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house, "and of the river of thy pleasures 'thou wilt make them drink.
10 For with thee is the fountain of life, in thy light f we see light.
11 °Continue thy loving-kindness dto those knowing thee, °and thy righteousness to the upright of heart.
12 The foot of pride 'shall not come against me, °and the hand of the wicked 'shall not remove me.
13 There Phave fallen dthose working iniquity, Pthey have been cast down, °and Phave not been able to rise.
Psa. 37
1 Of David, 'Thou shalt not fret thyself because of d evil-doers; 'thou shalt not be envious against dthe workers of iniquity.
2 For like grass 'they shall quickly be cut down, °and as the green herb 'wither.
3 °Trust in Jehovah, °and °do good; °dwell in the land, °and °feed in truth.
4 °And °delight thyself in Jehovah; °and 'he will give to thee the desires of thy heart;
5 °Commit to Jehovah thy. way, °trust °also in him, °and 'he will bring it to pass;
6 °And "he has caused to come forth as the light thy righteousness, °and thy judgment as the noonday.
7 °Rest in Jehovah, 'and °wait patiently for him; 'thou shalt not fret thyself at shim who prospers in his way, at the man dbringing wicked devices to pass.
8 °Cease from anger, °and °forsake wrath; 'thou shalt not fret thyself in any wise bto do evil,
9 For devil-doers 'shall be cut off; °and dthose waiting on Jehovah, these 'shall inherit the earth.
10 °For yet a little while, °and none wicked; °yea, P thou halt diligently considered his place, 'and there is none of it.
11 °But the meek 'shall inherit the earth; °and Pthey have delighted themselves in the abundance of peace.
12 The wicked is "plotting against the just, °and dgnashing on him his teeth.
13 Adonay 'will laugh at him, for Phe has seen that his day 'comes.
14 Sword, the wicked Phave drawn out; "and Phave bent their bow, bto cast down the poor °and needy, bto slay, the upright in the way.
15 Their sword 'shall enter into their own heart, °and their bows 'shall be broken.
16 A little to the righteous man is good more than the riches of many wicked.
17 For the arms of the wicked 'shall be broken, °but dupholding the righteous is Jehovah.
18 Jehovah "is knowing the days of the upright, °and their inheritance 'shall be forever;
19 They shall not be ashamed in the time of evil, °and in days of famine 'they shall be satisfied:
20 For the winked 'shall perish, °and dthe enemies of Jehovah be as the fat of lambs; Pthey have consumed away, in smoke Pthey have consumed away.
21 A wicked man is "borrowing, °and he will not repay, "but a righteous man dis showing mercy °and "giving:
22 For dthe blessed of him 'shall inherit the earth, °and "the cursed of him they shall be cut off.
23 Of Jehovah, the steps of a great man Phave been ordered, °and in his way %e delights.
24 Though the falls, 'he shall not be utterly cast down, for Jehovah "is upholding his hand.
25 Young PI have been, also PI have become aged; °yet P have I not seen the righteous " forsaken, °or his seed d begging bread;
26 All The day dhe is showing mercy, ciand dlending; 'rand his seed is for a blessing.
27 °Depart from evil, vand cdo good, °and edwell for evermore.
28 For Jehovah diS loving judgment, 'rand the forsakes not his saints, forever Pthey have been preserved; vand the seed of the wicked Phas been cut off.
29 The righteous 'shall inherit the land, "and 'dwell on it forever.
30 The mouth of the righteous 'speaks wisdom 'rand hi3 tongue 'talks of judgment;
31 The law of his Elohim is in his heart, not 'shall slide his steps:
32 dWatching is the wicked against the righteous, 'wand dseeking to bslay him;
33 Jehovah 'will not leave him in his hand, vand 'will not condemn him bin his being judged.
34 cWait on Jehovah °and "keep his way, vand the will exalt thee bto inherit the land, bin the cutting off of the wicked 'thou shalt see it.
35 PI have seen the wicked in great power, 'rand dspreading himself like a green bay tree.
36 °Yet the passes, and lo, there is none of him, °and seek him, 'but Phe was not found.
37 °Mark the perfect, °and cbehold the upright; for the end of that man is peace.
38 °But dthose transgressing Phave been destroyed together; the end of the wicked Phas been cut off.
39 'But the salvation of the righteous is from JehovAb; he is their strength in time of trouble.
40 °And Jehovah 'helps them, vand 'delivers them; the delivers them from the Wicked, °and 'saves them, for Pthey have trusted in him,
Psa. 38
1 A Psalm of David, bto bring to remembrance.
2 Jehovah, 'thou wilt not in thy wrath rebuke Me, 'or in thy hot displeasure 'chasten me.
3 For thine arrows Phave stuck fast in me, "and thy hand 'presses sore on me;
4 No soundness in my flesh in the presence of thine anger; no rest in my bones in the presence of my sin.
5 For my iniquities Phave gone over my head, as a burden which is heavy; they are too heavy for me.
6 PThey have stunk, Pthey have been corrupt my wounds, in presence of my foolishness.
7 PI have -been troubled, Pbowed down, very much! all The day PI have gone dmourning;
8 For my loins Phave been full of da loathsome thing, "and no soundness is in my flesh.
9 PI have been feeble "and Pbroken, very much; PI have roared from the disquietness of my heart.
10 Adonay, before thee is all my desire; "and my groaninc, from thee Phas not been hidden.
11 My heart Phas panted; Pfailed me has my strength; "and light of my eyes, these also are not with me.
12 dMy lovers "and my friends from my sore 'stand aloof, "and my kinsmen afar off Phave stood.
13 "And they lay snares d those seeking my soul; "and d those following after my hurt Phave spoken mischievous things, "and deceits all The day 'they imagine
14 °But 1,-as deaf fI hear not, "and am as one dumb, 'he opens not his mouth.
15 "Thus fI am as a man that is not shearing; vand in his mouth are no reproofs
6—Ministry of GVW, Vol. 11/III
16. For in thee, Jehovah, Phave I hoped; thou 'wilt hear, Adonay. my Elohim.
17 For PI said lest 'they rejoice over me; bin the slipping of my feet Pthey have magnified against me.
18 For I for halting dam ready, °and my wound is continually before me.
19 For my iniquity, will declare it; 'I will be sorry for my sin.
20 °But d my enemies are lively; P they have been strong; 'and dthose hating me wrongfully Phave multiplied.
21 °Also d those rendering evil for good 'hate me for bmy following of good.
22 'Thou wilt not forsake me, Jehovah; my Elohim, 'thou wilt not be far from me.
23 cHaste to my help, Adonay, my salvation.
Psa. 39
1 For dthe chief-Musician, to Jeduthun. A Psalm of David.
2 PI said, will keep my ways, bfrom sinning- with my tongue; will keep my mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before me.
3 PI was dumb with silence, PI held my peace from good; °and my sorrow Pwas stirred;
4 PHot was my heart within me; in my musing, the fire 'burns; P I spake with my tongue.
5 eMake me to knoW, Jehovah, my end, °and the measure of my days, what it is; shall know how frail I am.
6 Behold, hand breadths Phast thou made my days; °and mine age is as nothing before thee, surely all vanity is every man. d standing. Pause.
7 Surely in a vain show man 'walks; surely 'they are disquieted with, vanity; 'he heaps up and 'knows not who dthe one gathering of them shall be.
8 vAnd now, Adonay, what Phave I waited for? my hope in thee it is.
9 From all my transgressions edeliver me; reproach of the fool 'thou wilt not make me;
10 PI was dumb,'I open not my mouth; for thou Pdidst
11 eRemove from me thy stroke; by the blow of thy hand I Phave been consumed;.
12 With rebukes for sin Pthou has corrected man, vend Pthou makest to consume away, like a moth, his beauty: Surely every man is vanity. Pause.
13 eHear my prayer, Jehovah, vend to my ery egive ear; at my tears 'thou wilt not hold thy peace, for a stranger am I with thee, a sojourner as all my fathers.
14 eSpare me, vand fI shall recover strength, before go "and am no more.
Psa. 40
1 For dthe chief-Musician. A Psalm of David.
2 bWaiting PI waited for Jehovah; "and 'he inclines to me, vand 'hears my cry.
3 vAnd 'he will bring me out of a horrible pit, out of clay of The mire, vand 'will set on the rock my feet, Phe has established my goings;
4 vAnd 'he will put in my mouth a new song, praise to our Elohim; many 'shall see "and 'fear vend 'trust in Jehovah.
5 Blessed The mighty one who Phas made Jehovah his trust, "and has not turned to the proud "and dthose turning aside to falsehood.
6 Many things thou Phast done Jehovah, my Elohim; thy wonderful works vand thy thoughts to us-ward; there is no breckoning up unto thee. 'Will I declare vand 'tell them Pthey have been more than ba reckoning.
7 Sacrifice vand offering Pthou hast not desired; ears Phast thou opened for me; burnt-offering vand sin-offering Phast thou not required.
8 Then P said I, Lo, PI have come: in the roll of the book dit is written of me;
9 To bdo thy will, my Elohim, PI have delighted; "and thy law is within my heart.
10 PI have preached righteousness in the great congregation; lo, my lips withhold not, Jehovah, thou Phast known it.
11 Thy righteousness PI hid not within my heart; thy faithfulness and thy salvation PI have declared, PI have not concealed thy loving-kindness vand thy truth from the great congregation.
12 Thou,Jehovah, 'wilt not withhold thy tender mercies from me; thy loving-kindness vand thy truth continually 'will preserve me.
13 For evils till there was no number P encompassed me about; my iniquities Phave taken hold on me, vand PI have not been able to blook up; Pthey have been more than the hairs of my head, ''and my heart P failed me.
14 "Be pleased, Jehovah, to bdeliver me; Jehovah, to my help "haste.
15 'They shall be ashamed vand 'confounded together dthose seeking after my soul to bdestroy it; 'they shall be driven back °and 'put to shame wishing me evil.
16 'They shall be desolate for reward of their shame dThose saying to me, Aha, aha.
17 'They shall rejoice °and be glad in thee all dseeking thee; 'they shall say continually, Jehovah 'shall be magnified dthose loving thy salvation.
18 °And I, poor °and needy; Adonay 'thinks of me: my help °and duly deliverer thou. My Elohim 'thou wilt make no tarrying.
Psa. 41
1 For dthe chief-Musician. A Psalm of David.
2 Blessed is dhe considering of the poor; in the day of trouble, Jehovah 'will deliver him.
3 Jehovah 'will preserve him, °and 'keep him alive; °and Phe has been blessed on the earth; °and 'thou wilt not deliver him up to the will of dhis enemies.
4 Jehovah 'will strengthen him on the bed of languishing; Pthou past made all his lying-down in his sickness.
5 I Psaid, Jehovah, the merciful to me; cheal my soul; for PI•have sinned against thee.
6 dMy enemies 'speak evil of me, When will 'he die, °and his name Phave perished.
7 °And if Phe has come to bsee, 'he speaks vanity; his heart 'gathers iniquity to it; 'he will go forth, 'he speaks it abroad.
8 Together against me 'whisper all dhating me; against me 'they devise evil against me.
9 An evil disease d cleaving fast to him; °and now that Phe has laid down, the will not repeat bto rise up.
10 Also the individual of my peace, in whom PI trusted, dhe eating my bread,' Phas lifted up the heel against me.
11 °But thou, Jehovah, °be merciful to me, °and °raise me up, °and will requite them.
12 By this Phave I known that Pthou hast delighted in me; for d my enemy f does not triumph over me.
13_ vAnd I, in my integrity P thou hast upheld me; °and fsettest me before thy face forever.
14 dBlessed• be Jehovah Elohim of Israel from The everlasting!and to The everlasting. Amen, "and Amen.