Up Yonder in a Heavenly Mansion

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 3
Up yonder, in a heavenly mansion, far, far away,
There’s where I seek my heavenly portion; there’s where I long to stay.
This world is all a weary desert; stranger I roam;
I’m waiting for the blessed moment I’ll see my Savior at home.
O Savior, when shall end earth’s story? When wilt Thou come?
When shall I see Thy heavenly glory? When dwell with Thee at home?
“A little while” will bring salvation; no more I’ll roam;
Soon I shall see my heavenly mansion, my own eternal home.
There with my blessed Lord and Savior, in bliss untold,
Filling my happy heart with rapture, He will His love unfold.
My wanderings then shall all be over, happy I’ll be;
O, quickly come and take me, Savior, ever to be with Thee.