Vitality and Freshness

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 15
In order to enjoy and retain spiritual vitality, freshness, fervor, and power, we require to be kept in living contact with Christ Himself, and this can be done only as our minds are freshly nourished by the Holy Ghost with the truths of the Holy Scriptures.
If we study the Word with prayer, faith, and dependence, and get the knowledge of Christ in His Person, life, death, headship, and glory, we shall have the elements of vitality and freshness within our reach; but in the Lord's supper we are brought very solemnly in contact with Christ in His death, and thereby the desires and affections are drawn forth toward Him in a manner and with an intensity of fervor and spiritual enjoyment that will lead to the happy and spontaneous outflow of thanksgiving, adoration, and praise. W. R.