What Think Ye of Christ?

Matthew 22:42  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
I think this a test to believers, as well as those who are not. These are Christ’s own words. If we go on day by day in a heedless, careless way, giving no thought as to our associations, and not taking a firm stand for Christ, who gave Himself a ransom for us, does it not show that our estimate of His work on the cross falls far short of God’s estimate: It surely does. He has given Him a name above all others, that every knee to Him should bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Our faithfulness is very dear to the heart of our blessed Lord and Master.
Many seem to think that to remember the Lord in His death is all that is necessary, while the reading and prayer meeting are of little consequence, and so the seats are almost empty. I make a plea now, particularly to the young Christians. In days gone by the seats were filled with the young as well as the old. How is it now? Two or three young persons are all that are out. Do you think, my dear Christians, that this is pleasing to the Lord? No, I am sure it is not. Does it not seem just as essential, if not more so, for the young to be there as learners, as for the older ones?
If the Lord should tarry, the older Christians will depart to be with Christ, which is far better, but who are to take their places? The young Christians, to be sure. How are they to do this, if they have neglected to fit themselves for it by learning of Him at the reading and prayer meetings? O, my dear young Christians, this state of things should not be. You are dishonoring the blessed Lord by your unfaithfulness. May the Lord bless this word of exhortation to your souls.