95. When God's Judgment Fell on Egypt

When God's judgment fell on Egypt,
There was weeping everywhere,
For the Angel smote the firstborn
Of the people dwelling there.
But some houses God passed over,
As His Word had said before,
And death entered not the dwellings
Where the blood was on the door.
'Twas the blood that safely sheltered,
While upon the lamb they fed;
Not their place, though highly favored;
All must rest on "God hath said."
Oh what peace, what joy, what safety,
As the Angel passed them o'er;
Not by works, or thoughts, or feelings,
But the blood upon the door.
Come, now trust in Christ the Savior,
He who died upon the tree;
His atoning blood most precious
There was shed for you and me.
Sheltered by the blood of Jesus,
We are saved for evermore,
Saved from hell and saved for heaven
By the blood upon the door.