Which Are You?

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Some years ago a dear old Christian who traveled for a large English firm, found it necessary to go into a district in the far East, where he had not been previously. He was earnest and devoted to the Lord's work, in his own quiet way "buying up opportunities." Knowing an earnest young Christian who was well acquainted with the district into which he was going, he asked him if he would kindly give him some names and addresses of the Lord's people in those parts. He replied that he certainly would.
When the list was received, the older one was puzzled on looking it over at seeing either "0 and 0" or "H and H" opposite each name. He asked the other whatever "0 and 0" or "H and H" meant. The one who made out the list answered, "Some are only 'Half and Half' Christians, and others are 'Out and Out' ones, and I put those marks to distinguish them."
Dear reader, are you the Lord's? If so, which are you, "0 and 0" or only "H and H"?
The time is short, and remember the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich (in all the glory which He had with the Father before the world was) yet for our sakes He became poor (even shedding His precious blood on Calvary's cross to make us His own and fit us for Himself) that we through His poverty might be rich.