Whiter Than Snow

Psalm 51:7  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 4
One winter day in Canada some children were amusing themselves during the noon hour at a country school by asking riddles. They had some good ones, but their stock soon ran out. Just as they got stuck for a new riddle, one of their school mates came back from her dinner and there was a general cry: "Mary, ask us a riddle! Ask us a riddle!"
Mary thought a moment and then asked, "What is whiter than snow?"
"My handkerchief!" cried one boy, but when he compared it to the snow, it looked quite yellow.
"Fresh whitewash!" guessed another boy, but all agreed he was wrong.
"My best dress!" ventured a small girl, but she was wrong.
"I don't believe there is anything whiter than snow!" said one of the older children indignantly.
"Yes, there is," said Mary. "There is just one thing in all the world that is whiter than snow, only one thing."
At last they all cried, "We give up. Tell us!" "A sinner washed in the blood of Jesus!"
Yes, Mary was right. There is one, and only one, thing in all the world that is whiter than snow. Think of a black-hearted sinner, a swearing, drinking, useless waster. That same man can be washed whiter than snow. All the past can be blotted out, so that God Himself says, "Their sins and iniquities will I remember no more."
As the year draws to a close, stop and take stock of how you have spent it. What has there been for God in the year that has gone? How about those deep, dark sins of the past year? How can you do better than to end this year by coming to the Savior? By trusting in His precious blood you can start the New Year with a clean sheet, all the old blotted out. Then even in the sight of God you will be whiter than snow.