Who but Christ?

MAKE tight work at the bottom, and your ships shall ride against all storms, if withal your anchor be fastened on good ground―I mean, within the veil; and verily I think this is all to gain Christ-all other things are shadows, dreams, fancies, nothing.
I never believed till now that there was so much to be found in Christ on this side of death and heaven. Oh, the ravishments of heavenly joy that may be had here in the small gleanings and comforts that fall from Christ!
I bless the Lord that all our troubles come through Christ's fingers, and He casteth sugar among them, and casteth in some ounce weights of heaven, and of the spirit of glory, that resteth on suffering believers, in our cup.
Every one knoweth not what a life Christ's love is. Scare not at suffering for Christ; for Christ hath s chair and a cushion, and sweet peace for a sufferer; Christ's trencher from the first mess of the high table is for a sinful witness. Oh, then, brother, who but Christ! who but Christ! Hold your tongues of lovers where He cometh out! O all flesh! O dust and ashes! O angels! O glorified spirits! O all the shields of the world! be silent before Him; come hither and behold the Bridegroom; stand still and wonder for evermore at Him! Why cease we to love, and to wonder, and to adore Him?-S. Rutherford.
THE church ought not to be the place where good and evil are in conflict within, but in such a state as to be the manifestation of good in the midst of evil. But suppose a decline, then there is a question of evil within. " Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water," is the only right state of the church. This is its primary and only absolutely owned state. Next comes power to remove the evil, and make it occasion of blessing when it does arise.