Whom Will Ye Serve?

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 3
Caesar's friends, or friends of Jesus?
Solemn question for today!
Friends of Caesar? Friends of Jesus?
Take your sides, without delay.
If ye pause for man's forbidding,
Caesar's friendship ye secure;
If ye do the Father's. bidding,
Scorn, reproach, ye shall endure.

Friends of Caesar, friends of Jesus,
Stand revealed! Your choice declare!
Who in truth two masters pleases?
Who may rival banners bear?
Jesus' friends account Him precious,
Lose for Him all other gain;
Dearer far the smile of Jesus
Than the praise of sinful men.

Caesar's friends! Ye foes of Jesus!
Mingling in a motley throng
Shall your sheepskin garb deceive us?
Wolves to Christ's fair flock belong?
Mighty is Jehovah's Fellow,
Though on earth in weakness seen;
Righteous is our Royal Shepherd!
He will sweep you from the scene.

Free from Caesar, friends of Jesus!
Stand in phalanx, never fear!
Love, severely tried, increases;
Courage yet! The Lord is near!
Onward still, His name confessing,
Weaving crowns to grace His brow;
Lo, His hands are full of blessing,
Lifted for your succor now.

Caesar's friends were we, but Jesus
Owns us for His friends today!
What! Shall rival friendship please us
While the Bridegroom is away?
No! Through grace would we surrender
Caesar's things to Caesar's care,
While to God, our God, we render
Filial homage, praise, and prayer.