Willie and the Stars

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 7
LITTLE Willie went one evening to a lecture. When he went it was full daylight, and the pictures and other things exhibited kept his little eyes wide open till it was very late for him, but when he came out of the lecture hall with his mother to go home it was night and very dark. The contrast between the light and bright pictures within, and the darkness without, appeared to him to be very great, and he was evidently frightened, for it was the first time he had been out at night, and so creeping up closely to the side of his mother, he said, “'Ou will take care of me, mother, won't 'ou? I touldn't go alone.”
The night was dark, the path seemed strange,
Though often seen by day;
“'Ou will take care of me, mamma,”
The child was heard to say.
Poor little heart! he feared the dark,
He should have been in bed,
But looking up he saw the stars,
Clear shining o'er his head.
“O ma" said he, “pray what are these?
How beautiful they look
Are these God's eyes, now looking down,
I read of in the book?”
How oft, as through life's night we walk,
And sad in darkness weep,
Like timid child with many fears,
To Christ we gladly creep.
And Jesus takes us in His arms,
And holds us to His breast,
As mother folds her frightened child,
And hushes it to rest.
And when with faltering steps we tread,
'Mid sorrows, gloom and night,
How like the stars God's words shine out,
How welcome then and bright.
And o'er our path the Saviour sends
The darkness of our fear,
That we may seek His Father's face,
And prize His presence near,
Lord, grant, like timid child at night,
Our faith to Thee may flee,
Our darkness make the light more bright,
Which ever shines in Thee.
W. P. B.