Work and Travels

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Editorial Work and Travels
He also was the editor of the magazine, The Present Testimony (1849-1881). There are 18 vols.; the last three are New Series, the last being dated 1871-1881, two years after his death on Jan. 11, 1879 in London. The Synopsis by JND, written in French, was translated by W. Kelly and appeared serially in this magazine.
He also traveled overseas in the Lord's service as indicated in his Letters: West Indies (p. 310), Switzerland (p. 191), Quebec (p. 227, 246), Georgetown (p. 278), Boston (p. 228, 229), France (p. 257), Barbados (p. 237), New York (p. 224), New Zealand (p. 283, 317), 225 Demarara (p. 258), and Jamaica (p. 266).
P. J. Lineham (with Open Brethren) recounts an interesting incident regarding GVW's visit to New Zealand (Jan. 14, 1874—Jan. 20, 1875, except for a visit to Melbourne in March 1874):
It is said that when Wigram was disembarking from a ship during his visit one of those on board commented how "that man is very like the Lord Jesus" both in his demeanor and actions.