X. Y. on Rev. 7

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The querist writes that in the third paragraph (p. 255), there should be neither “chapter” nor “20,” nor “chapter 20” again repeated, nor “chapter 10,” nor “chapter 10” again repeated. In the next paragraph “third, verses 4-9,” ought to be verse 9, and (p. 25G) “chapter 10:9” ought to be simply verse 9, reading “his” for “her” three lines after. The sentence most affected should run thus: “verse 9 would be a mere needless repetition of verses 4-8. Verses 4-8 is literal Israel; verse 9 the Gentiles; verse 11 the church, as we have,” &c.
From Cape Breton Island were sent two numbers of a British serial, peculiar enough in this that they reproduce extracts from a pamphlet on Church Discipline, which the author, living in New Zealand, has himself retracted. It was no wonder; for just think of anyone committing the mistake of fancying, because there is no article in the Greek, that the correct (!) rendering of 1 Cor. 12:2727Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular. (1 Corinthians 12:27) is, “Now ye are a body of Christ!” A little more knowledge would have guarded against this, but as usual, what is unfounded takes with partisans. The Editor of the little magazine speaks of “many expressions of thankfulness.” It is well that all such should weigh the fact that God has taught not a few in New Zealand the error of this tract, without one word of external criticism or comment. Indeed, the whole reasoning is unsound and the tendency unholy.