Zechariah 6:9-15

Zechariah 6:9‑15  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
These closing verses of the same chapter seem to be a kind of appendix to this vision of the four chariots. (For it intimates a fifth kingdom which in season is to be revealed, the four kingdoms of the Gentiles having preceded it.) The prophet is instructed to take certain children of the returned captives, and in their presence to set crowns on the head of Joshua, the high priest; and then to address Joshua as a type of the Branch, the destined builder of the Lord’s temple, the bearer of the glory, the combined priest and king who is to secure peace in the coming days of His kingdom. And having gone through this ceremony, the prophet was ordered to lay up these crowns under the hand of certain guardians, in the house of the lord, as a memorial of all this destined glory and power which are to be displayed in the last days, in the person of the Branch, that is, the Messiah of Israel, the Christ of God.
But now we may observe, that on closing the sixth chapter, we have done with Zechariah’s visions. We are also in another year, the fourth instead of the second of Darius. But I would separate these remaining chapters into what appears to me to be their distinct portions, as I have done with the preceding.