another, brother(-ly); kindred, like, other

Concise Bible Dictionary:

Besides the ordinary use of the word in its literal sense, it is applied to cousins and nephews (Gen. 14:14; Lev. 10:4); and to kinsmen generally (Ex. 2:11; 2 Kings 10:13; 2 Chron. 22:8). Also employed where there is a moral likeness (Job 30:29; Prov. 18:9). See BRETHREN.

Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew Words:

a primitive word; a brother (used in the widest sense of literal relationship and metaphorical affinity or resemblance (like 1))
KJV Usage:
another, brother(-ly); kindred, like, other. Compare also the proper names beginning with "Ah-" or "Ahi-"