Esther - Chapters 7-10: January 2, 1994

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After Mordecai had been honored and wicked Haman humbled, Queen Esther prepared another banquet to which the king was invited. The chamberlains (servants) of the king also brought Haman to this banquet.
Again the king invited Esther to request whatever she wanted and he would give it to her. This time she requested that her life and the life of her people be spared from the wicked enemy who wanted to destroy them. The king, who was infuriated to think that someone dared to hurt his beloved queen, demanded who this enemy was.
She told him that it was Haman and the king, finding out that Haman had built a gallows on which to destroy Mordecai, gave commandment to hang Haman himself on it. After Haman was slain on the gallows he himself had built, the king gave Esther permission to write a letter which would allow the Jews to defend themselves against all who hated them and planned to destroy them.
Because of this new order signed in the king’s own handwriting, many people of his kingdom became Jews. The Jewish people were protected and honored in Ahasuerus’s kingdom and Mordecai became a ruler next in power to the king himself.
Now it’s time to rest while you look for the following verses.
1. When the Apostle Paul healed many sick people on an island called Melita, the people ____________ him and gave his company many good things. Acts 28:___
2. The Lord Jesus called those ____________ blessed who watched for their master’s return. Luke 12:___
3. Paul prayed that God our Father would ____________ the spirit of wisdom and understanding of Himself to believers. Ephesians 1:___
4. By dying on the cross, the Lord Jesus ____________ Satan who had the power of death. Hebrews 2:___
5. The Lord Jesus told Pilate that he could have no ____________ over Him unless it had been given to him from heaven. John 19:___