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" Before we are in the glory, we are never on a level with the position we hold, while we have only this position to sustain us. We must look above our path to be able to walk in it. A Jew who had the secret of the Lord and who waited for the Messiah was pious and faithful according to the law. A Jew who had only the law assuredly did not keep it.
"A Christian who has heaven before him, and a Savior in the glory as the object of his affections, will walk well upon the earth. He who has only the earthly path for his rule, will fail in the intelligence and motives needed to walk in it: he will become a prey to worldliness, and his Christian walk in the world will be more or less on a level with the world in which he walks.
" The eyes upwards on Jesus will keep the heart and steps in a path conformable to Jesus, and which, consequently will glorify Him, and make Him known in the walk. Seeing what we are, we must have a motive above our path to walk in it. This does not prevent our needing also for our path the fear of the Lord, to pass the time of our sojourning here in fear, knowing that we, are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ."
" There is a divine righteousness in which Christ stands before God as risen; that is, in which I stand in the power of a new life as risen with Him. I am made the righteousness of God in Him. As He is, so am I in this world. This is in the reality of a life in which we live, which is Christ; and of a divine righteousness in which we stand before God, which is Christ. Not I, but Christ lives in me. It is a real living certain position before God, in which I, through grace, and Christ are one, though all flows from and, thank God, is dependent on Him He that hath the Son bath life, and he that bath not the Son hath not life,' but then it is perfect righteousness already before God. More than this I am a child, a son. Such is my relationship with God.' I have eternal life. I am in a known, blessed, fixed, relationship with God, where grace has placed me through the working of the same power in which Christ was raised from the dead and set at God's right hand. I am not only in it, but it is my relationship with God, and there is none but that."
" God's plan is to have a people connected with Himself, with His house on high as their dwelling-place, and for them to act here according to' the position that God has set them in there, though they have the flesh within, with its lusts and its desires.
" And can any thus placed go and connect themselves with that which crucified the Son—with that whose friendship is enmity with God '—without losing, as an immediate result, peace of heart and conscience? Why does a Christian's place ooze out? Often, one must reply, because he is walking carelessly through the world, forgetting it is the place where Christ was crucified. My cup of joy can never be full if the world be the place where I am found, and I am walking in its spirit."