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The Glory is now the scene of God's acting. It is the place the Spirit associates me with in Christ, because it is where He is; thus I find that the glory is my scene! the flesh withers there-Is that a loss? No, for you are in the Spirit, which is perfect liberty, and all there is suited to the bright presence of our God. And what is the practical effect on me down here? I am independent of this scene. I am not looking for it to minister to me; therefore I can turn round and minister to it. But I am going on through it connecting myself with Christ in glory.
If any soul has tasted of the healing power of. Christ's work, and has not yet entered into the assurance of heart which flows from knowing His feelings towards it, and the close relationships into which it is brought, all it needs is to come to Him and confer with Him; tell Him all that He has done for it; and that soul will be made to rejoice in an unerring consciousness through the Holy Ghost, not only of its adoption, but of the glorious privileges which are its 'portion through God's gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
The lie of the serpent estranged man from God, and made him at home in the world. The work of the serpent's bruiser (Christ) makes the believer at home in the presence of God, but a stranger in the world.