Fragments: Beyond the Occasion of the Demand

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 10
It is interesting to see, as to God's way of dealing with us, that His explanations, answers to prayer, all His replies to us, go beyond the occasion of the demand. Thus, in Rev. 17, the whole relationship of the beast with the woman is unfolded when the woman's case is before us. In Dan. 7 we have the whole condition and place of the saints in the answer to the inquiry, what the fourth beast was. So in Psa. 132, the reply in each case goes beyond what is asked; compare verses 13-15 with verse 8, verse 16 with verse 9, and verses 17, 18 with verse 10. So in Matt. 13, the explanation of both tares, and wheat, and fishes goes into the results when what is spoken of in the parable itself is over.