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Till the righteousness was accomplished in Christ, it could not be declared -." life and incorruption were brought to light through the gospel"-and this because the question of responsibility is settled in Christ. First, the atonement made: then, He becomes the source of life. In this He acts by the Spirit. The whole source of life of the saints, is now to be based upon the knowledge of God's righteousness thus declared-hence, of old, they went on their way rejoicing immediately on conversion. Here also is our standard of conduct and fruits.
The counsels of God about Christ, were not merely that he should be the Head of creation, and that the tabernacle of God should be with men, but to set Him up as the glorified man: and the bride with him. Thus Christ brings glory to God, even out of man's sin. Souls are now associated with Him, on the basis of the glory according to which he was raised from the dead: all this in the midst of a sinful world: and in bodies in which the spirit of God in us can sympathize with the groaning through sin. Our very weakness thus being made, in one sense, an advantage. And this is the Church.