Genesis, Typically Considered. Chapter 16

Genesis 16  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 16
We have then the hurry of the flesh seeking for that which would be had only by promise, bringing in the old covenant—the means are always the great point of faithfulness to God, for here it is He is trusted in patience, for the flesh is always readier, the flesh engenders by its confidence, the old covenant and sorrow is with Israel; what we seek for our good in it, turns to our sorrow in that point, and the new covenant loses its position in us. The bondwoman must return, and submit to the free, but if Israel fail, for so it was verified in history—(principles are continually brought into their history now, for we have got into details, as in chapter 15 at the close)—still, as cast out, they are under the eye of Him who liveth and seeth them even in this condition.