Genesis, Typically Considered. Chapter 18

Genesis 18  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 9
We have now a most blessed portion. Having settled Abraham as the father of many nations, and the new covenant in Sarah as the mother of them and even of kings; after this we get the communications of God with Abraham for his own soul, and joy, and as to His dealings with a corrupt world—a world where (here moreover representing the Jews and Israel) Lot was.
This is a blessed truth, i.e., Abraham being on this ground of "father of nations," and the new covenant brought in; he is the subject of the communications of God of the immediate gift of the heir, and His judgment of the evil world "I will certainly return" and "shall I hide." The Church at large laughs at the idea of the gift of the Son though long ago promised, and originally desired.
But God comes down to see the state of the world, though even the cry is risen up till He comes down and sees; His long-suffering is perfect even to the very end—how different we. Yet as to the consequence it is our privilege and place to say "Lord, how long" in the desolation of His people, for love and for His glory.
Intercession is Abraham's place, he has nothing to do with the judgment—but knowledge of it—but the Lord is far more accurate in His ways, and does not take this step till the case is hopeless, for He is very patient, though in the end a consuming fire. Blessed be His name in all things; for judgment itself is mercy, clearing the evil that good may be blessed.