Genesis, Typically Considered. Chapter 5

Genesis 5  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 9
Then the whole family of God, who only die here.
Enoch specially presents the redeemed, translated Church.
There is a difference here from chapter 1:26; "in his image according to his likeness," here "in his likeness according to his image" (v. 3), this is natural, I think. God meant man to be His image, and created him according to His likeness therefore; man could not create anything—he begat him in his likeness, he could do nothing else—and hence according to his image, to take the place he was in, this was a consequence of begetting necessarily in his likeness. Hence indeed we have not "a son"—he begat after this manner.
But calling him " Seth," I apprehend, was an act of faith; Eve gave it him in gracious thankfulness—God appointed to her—Adam adopts it indeed, but with him it is simply the appointed one, not appointed to him. Eve was not wrong, but this was quite right—by the divine Spirit, I apprehend, which moved Eve's heart, but it was prophetic in Adam.
In verse 32, I apprehend the date is vague, indicating about the time in which God began to deal in view of the Flood, but if the genealogical age of chapter 11:10 be taken, Shem was born three years after Noah was 500. I suppose Japheth was the eldest.