How Do You Look Upon Things: and From What Standpoint?

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In the Epistle to the Ephesians the standpoint is ascension. God has " raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ." You are brought entirely into another world, and your privilege is to be so completely there in Spirit as always to look down.
Do you look down upon things as Christ looks on them? Do you look down upon things at the present time in the Church in the mind of Christ? Have you His thoughts about them? How do you think about your domestic circumstances? How does He think about them? He sees exactly. Does He find in you what would be an expression of your being a member of that body of which He is the Head? I believe the very question so put would realize to one's soul, and show one the blessedness of what it is to be so with Him, and bring in the light on every step, that we should judge and refuse everything that is practically inconsistent with Him there. He has His thoughts. The word contains them. The Spirit of God wrote what these Ephesians should be. If they had kept it in their hearts they would never have forgotten their first love. He had a claim to everything from them. He who had left heaven and given up everything to bring them into that vital relationship and fellowship, with Himself, as members of His body; so that what the Head thought, the feet should do.