Job - August 7, 1994

Job 42  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Job was thoroughly humbled by all that God spoke to him. He realized that he was in the presence of One who was infinite in power and wisdom. He dared not answer anything or seek to justify himself in God’s presence.
In the very last chapter of Job, Job confesses his sin of self-righteousness to God. Not only did he confess what he had done by complaining so much, but he repented. His repentance was caused by his realization of the power and holiness of God against whom he had been complaining.
As soon as he repented, God forgave him. He then warned Job’s three friends that they had displeased Him by the way in which they had talked to Job - for what they had said was spoken in pride.
However, Job prayed for them and God forgave them too. After this God blessed Job and gave him even more possessions at the end than he had at the beginning. He also enjoyed a wonderful family with seven sons and three daughters and a long and happy life.
Now we will stop in our journey while you find the following verses:
1. Our Lord Jesus ____________ Himself so low that He submitted to the death of the cross for us. Philippians 2:___
2. If a person knows that something is good but doesn’t do it, he is guilty of a ____________ . James 4:___
3. Even though Judas had ____________ within himself of the awful thing he had done, He was not truly sorry before God and was not forgiven.
Matthew 27:___
4. Christians are to ____________ one another, even if they have disagreements, because God has forgiven us for Jesus’ sake. Colossians 3:___
5. Though Paul and Silas were in prison and had been cruelly beaten because they were Christians, they were able to ____________ and sing praises to God. Acts 16:___