Job - Chapter 1: March 6, 1994

Job 1  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Satan told God that if God would allow bad things to happen to Job, Job would curse God. God, who is infinitely wiser than Satan and who wanted to bless Job, allowed Satan to touch Job’s possessions in order to bring greater blessing to him.
In one day Job learned that his cattle and his crops and even his children were taken away from him. Satan had caused these things to happen, but only because God allowed these things in order to teach Job some very important lessons which would make him happy.
Job did something very wise after he had heard all of this terrible news. He refused to make any charge or curse against God. Satan had been defeated in this attempt to destroy Job.
Now we will rest in our journey while you look for the following verses:
1. The Lord Jesus Himself was made a ____________ so that believers would no longer come under the judgment of the law. Galatians 3:___
2. One who obeys God’s Word is ____________ than those who are his enemies. Psalm 119:___ (somewhere after verse 70)
3. Christians are to ____________ rather than curse those who hurt them.
Romans 12:___
4. The Lord Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would ____________ believers all things. John 14:___
5. A son who is ____________ because he obeys God will make his father very happy. Proverbs 10:___