Job - Chapter 2: April 3, 1994

Job 2  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Once again, Satan came into God’s presence to tempt God to hurt Job. This time he told God that someone like Job would reverence Him only as long as he himself wasn’t hurt. He said that if God would touch Job himself and not just his possessions, then Job would indeed curse God.
God allowed Satan to touch Job’s body, but would not allow him to take away his life. Satan caused Job’s body to be covered with terribly painful boils. Job, who was in great distress, sat down to do what he could to relieve his misery. Even his own wife told him to curse God so that he would die and be relieved from his awful suffering. But Job remained faithful to God and accepted all that had happened without sinning with his lips by anything he said.
Job had three friends who had heard of all that had happened to him and who came to comfort him. When they saw Job, they were so shocked at the sight that they did not speak to him for seven days.
Before we find out what happened to Job after his friends came to him, we will stop long enough to look for the following verses:
1. Daniel told the king that the lions had not ____________ him because God had shut their mouths. Daniel 6:___
2. When the Lord Jesus gave the bread to His disciples to eat, He told them it was a symbol of His ____________ which was to be given for them in death.
Mark 14:___
3. One day a lawyer asked the Lord Jesus what he could do to inherit eternal ____________ . But the lawyer was only tempting the Lord and trying to find fault with what He said. Luke 10:___
4. God told Adam that in the day they disobeyed His command and ate fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they would ____________ .
Genesis 2:___
5. Timothy was to look for ____________ men to whom he could commit the wonderful doctrines of God which Paul had taught him. 2 Timothy 2:___